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  1. Okay, thank you so much for your answer.
  2. 2019-12-09 and also my first time buying lindens.
  3. So after I sell my lindens, what do I do?And how much time I have to wait.. to process them? Thank you.
  4. laviflower2009


    Hello.. I gifted 2 items to a person but I spelled his name incorrect and I delivered them to another person.. and I was wondering if I can get a refund or something..Thank you
  5. Hello, about an hour ago I changed my display name from Anne to the same name but different text styling and it didn't show and now I can't redone it.. can someone please help me change it back to Anne. Thank you XD (it didn't showed up like I have no display name)
  6. Hey, so last nigh I bought 2500 L$ with my bank account. And today I added in my paypal account also. I was wondering when will my trading limits go up at selling ..and when and how I can transfer my L$ into USD on my paypal account, because I also heard that I can't transfer my money into my bank account. But I already bought L$ with my bank account. I would love to get an answer with that and help me out with it .. my limits are 0 out of 0 at selling in 24 hours and 30 days. Thank you!
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