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  1. Thank you that is great news, last question: How will we be notified when the new homes are available and do you know roughly when that will be? I tried to get a free linden home but it's only showing the originals
  2. Ok signing up right now haha! Thank you, this is amazing news ♥
  3. I really love the look of these new Linden Homes, my question is are we able to rez skyboxes or prims above these homes past a certain point or not at all? Reason I ask is because I want a place where I can have a photo shoot area and have all of my photo props in a separate place whilst the Linden Homes will be used for normal decor & pose stands/changing outfits etc.
  4. Thanks allot both of you. I will try have a look on the marketplace again and see what I can find
  5. I can't seem to find any on the marketplace. I'm wanting a female mesh body and head which looks very realistic and is popular. Thanks if you can help me
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