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  1. I have found out the problem! To those who are suffering from my same issue, here's how to fix it! First off, it seems LL push is based off of object mass. This mass determines how much force the object can apply onto the target. The bigger the object, the more potential for mass. The mass can also be changed in the Features tab in your edit menu. The mass option is called "Density" You can find a median between size and mass by fiddling with both. WARNING: it seems the calculations for how much force potential the object has is only reassessed after one has left the
  2. Hello there! I have an attachment that is used to push/pull users for a combat weapon. The object uses llPushObject from an attachment. For some reason or another, the script just loses all power and can no longer move anything. It can SLIGHTLY move things but the power is significantly decreased. Using llGetEnergy returns that the object has plenty of energy left. Things I've tried: Changing mass of attachment Moving object to different attachment point. Resetting the scripts. Trying it on LIGHT objects/avatars. Relogging Changing sims. Taki
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