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  1. thank you for the info
  2. can someone help me here, we had a promise a few weeks back of new homes can someone tell me where they are please, only im a bit puzzled, every day i log on to second life web page, and click on get your homes now, there are no new areas, or homes just the old ones, nothing has changed seems like we will be waiting for ever, whats happening, i am very disappointed at this why are there still non available, can someone give me some feedback please
  3. binder59

    new homes

    hi there just wondering are there any new homes available yet, as everything has gone quiet, since the last batch, i want a traditional one , missed out on the last batch
  4. the point is they should have made enough for all premium members they know how may members they have, ok they may have a few left over, also i think that people who have been premium members for a long time should have had first choice, not newbies who have just signed up, thats my feeling about it, but hey ho we have to wait now, emails could have been sent to members who have been here for a long time, or they could have offerd them as a rewards system for being loyal to sl
  5. hope it dont take as long as bakes on mesh lol
  6. binder59

    New Houses

    very annoyed, to say the least you would have thought they would have taken into account, that they should have made enough to go around to all premium members, i dident even know about new homes untill i found out tonight, no messages in chat to let us know no nothing, now we have to wait for more , hope it dont take as long as bakes on mesh lol
  7. pc shutting down, rebooting ie drivers issue, heat, faulty power supply , i had a prob once where cpu pins was bent caused it to overheat, and shutdown
  8. turn off advanced lighting option in firestorm, and shadows , with transparent water
  9. binder59

    Adult Content

    try reinstall browser, then clean install
  10. it has been known for vr headsets to cause, epilepsy, motion sickeness, problems with eyes, headaches, classic migraine, which is not just a headache, as people think but, other things associated with the brain and neurology, etc, but some are ok with using it, on a whole, it will only fail if they dont get enough users, i was going to try it, would not install, on a amd dual core processor, but will with amd phenom all these issues could have a bearing, on if people will use it or not, the other thing is if they will offer the option of adult rp with it , i know there are a lot of people who solely use sl just for the adult rp aspect of it
  11. hi can anyone help me with this, i thought i would try sansar, just to see what it was like, found out that i will not run with a amd dual core processor , but will run with a phenom one so why is this, there is not a lot of difference between the two, it means that you have to upgrade pc, just to try it, so why, ?
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