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  1. binder59

    is the dashbord down or am i banned ?

    all sorted then good ,
  2. binder59

    Marketplace needs a Make Over

    predictive text is a pain, you enter a search it put something else in lol
  3. binder59

    is the dashbord down or am i banned ?

    sometimes it may be your browser, dep on which one you use i get this sometimes with opera or Firefox, mabey it could be your firewall, or anti virus , try clearing browser, history, cookies i use crap cleaner by pinform software its free, sounds like a browser issue, you could also try resetting your modem or router , by turning it off leave off for a minute or to, try ie 11, sometimes the website has a prob where it cant connect due to network interruption this is due to firewall, always update browser to latest version it helps because of security certs etc, hope this helps good luck
  4. binder59

    Are All Avatars Human?

    not all some might be bots, i found that out when i got no reply from them in chat could be that they wont talk tho, a bot sometimes in the form of an avatar will be a greeter to the sim ie every time you visit they will greet you with a welcome, you say thank you, ask a question then guess, no response from them
  5. it is very hard, i have the same prob as i live in the uk, most of my friends here are from the usa time difference is a tricky one, i cannot get online in the daytime uk time because of my work commitments, weekends is not to bad because i spend a lot of late nights here, i did try it once with late nights in the week , i ended up with exhaustion, and was very ill to the point of hospitalization, so they told me it was a warning to get my rest , i was off sl for about 5 months, but my boyfriend here stuck with me and waited for me, but i did tell him to go and enjoy himself and rp as normal, we have an open relationship, and its good it works for us, all the best and good luck
  6. binder59

    cloudflare servers

    very true indeed i agree, and thank you for your specs looks a great system you have, i will be upgrading very soon
  7. binder59

    How can you tell if someone is male or female?

    i dont think u can to be honest unless you can read minds, the beauty of sl is that, unless you are told by the person then you will not know, unless you know the person in rl, rp if someone wants to be ie male or female is totally based on the role they play, a lot of people here would prob want to keep there real id private because of there circumstances in rl, its about trust and having trust, in someone, its a catch 22 question, im not a religious person, but does god exist, no one knows for sure, unless they have seen him or her, its a great question tho, to be honest i would not worry about it, i dont care who or what gender they are in rl or sl, as friends are friends at the end of the day, thats all that matters to me personaly
  8. binder59

    Rezzing / lag issues

    thank you
  9. binder59

    Rezzing / lag issues

    strange because i use there dns and i can get i get here no problem
  10. binder59

    Avatar goes running when left alone

    i have had this prob it was lag that caused it
  11. binder59

    Rezzing / lag issues

    try cloudflare dns service, see how that does its free to use and simple to configure, instructions are available on youtube x
  12. binder59

    Firestorm Reinstall Help?

    thanking you i always clean up my pc after a session its good policy in this day and age
  13. binder59

    cloudflare servers

    no i ment the dns service i know cloudflare have been around, dont think many knew about the dns service i only found out after looking on you tube
  14. binder59

    How can you tell if someone is male or female?

    thank you