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  1. try different dns settings ie google dns number or cloudflare dns alt this is a fast dns server and may connect you quicker
  2. sorry didnt realise you where in iran , try a vpn thats anonymous ie cyberghost is ok uses servers from allover the world, the prob is that the vpn may slow connection down so you may be getting a server timeout ie your slow connevtion may not be connecting quick enough due to provider being slow
  3. might be that you need to shut down the vpn compleatly or my be thinking wrong ip adress ? try reinstall and run without vpn , tbh why use a vpn withe sl no need i have vpn but never use it with sl
  4. hi just wondering, i have aquired a lyndon victorian home, just one question, hope someone will know, am i allowed to build a skybox above my house if its at a certain height, and is within the boundrary of my home thanks for any help on this subject
  5. its daulton i spelt it wrong
  6. hi recently acquired a new home at Dalton, i am suffering lag terrible, when i log on , 2fps, then gets to 5 fps takes ages to load area, is there a problem with the server there, i am a premium member, whats going on , anyone tell me please
  7. hi i have intel graphics on my laptop, and firestorm works fine processer is a i5
  8. hi need some help my streaming sound has vanished, in both viewers is this sl lag, because it was working fine before i upgraded viewers , all of my settings are correct in prefs please can someone help thank you
  9. hi just got the new firestorm update, a problem has popped up but is with both sl default viewer and firestorm. i have no sound from sreaming ie when i visit clubs sound effects are there, my settings are all fine, everything is correct, just no music its mind boggling worked perfect 2 weeks a go, anyone got the answer tried everything, settings are how they should be etc, is this because of lag, ?
  10. hi does anyone know when firestorm are releasing a update for bakes on mesh, using default browser at the mo need firestorm badly lol
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