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  1. think what he means is, that if you want to do that you may have to stop avs from coming to your place, in the uk when there is ie, a private function you have to have a invatation only system, in a night club, where if you have to be on the list what a doorman or security person has vip list, so they know who to let in and who not to, to keep the numbers down ie only frends, and no strangers, good luck to you and peace and love, there is a way but you would need to greate a group i think, just to ask them to join your group, and only allow group members, i can do it at my home in sl where i live
  2. perhaps there may be a way to turn it off in the card options or may be backwards compatible
  3. seen one on ebay 500 quid, think this is due to the rate of the pound against the dollar if it had been a couple of years back u would have pickrd one up for about 200 quid blooming economy over here is crap now , shame really guess we all have to tighten our belts, low wages, etc while inflation goes up, and our crappy governmant anyway good luck you never know santa may be good to u all the best
  4. would love one but alas its out of my budget cant afford one , retails at bout 500 uk pounds over here so i may take a step down to the previous card,
  5. binder59

    ping time

    thank you for your help, will tweek my graphics card see what happens you have been very helpfull cheers
  6. binder59

    ping time

    thinking now it may be to do with firestorm as was said earlier could be client side ie firefox browser ?
  7. binder59

    ping time

    cloudflare was bytes=32, time =11ms,ttl=57, and i am using cloudflare dns servers so there we go
  8. binder59

    ping time

    this was on cloud ping which is higher US-West (Oregon) 169 ms
  9. binder59

    ping time

    Google Public DNS bytes = 32, time = 13 ms, ttl=120
  10. binder59

    ping time

    bingo, just did a trace route test , got no packet loss, still at low ping,
  11. binder59

    ping time

    its not to bad when i use a diff browser ie singularity is not to bad, because with a better ping i get less lag, last night where i live on sl, tahoma i think my fps was right down to 8 fps then i elogged tweaked a few settings wih loss of qual, could only reach 12 ps
  12. binder59

    ping time

    every thing is fine cpu is capable , no freme rate limiter but it says network problem which there is not, or file sharing app which i dont have
  13. binder59

    ping time

    thats what the test results said using one of the best ip providers in the uk bt british telecom
  14. binder59

    How does blocking work?

    prob works by blocking your profile, as in facebook
  15. i reside in the uk, did a speed test to servers in usa, got a ping time of 18 ms download speed 70 m bits, upload speed of 20 m bits my prob is when using firestorm, or any other view, when i visit certain regions on sl, i ge a ping of well over 600 ms, this seems to be problem with lag, can anyone give me info how to get this lower my connection is very good help would be appreciated, thank you