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  1. hi need some help my streaming sound has vanished, in both viewers is this sl lag, because it was working fine before i upgraded viewers , all of my settings are correct in prefs please can someone help thank you
  2. binder59

    no streaming sound

    hi just got the new firestorm update, a problem has popped up but is with both sl default viewer and firestorm. i have no sound from sreaming ie when i visit clubs sound effects are there, my settings are all fine, everything is correct, just no music its mind boggling worked perfect 2 weeks a go, anyone got the answer tried everything, settings are how they should be etc, is this because of lag, ?
  3. hi does anyone know when firestorm are releasing a update for bakes on mesh, using default browser at the mo need firestorm badly lol
  4. ok thank you so its the old body for appliers then thanks ever so much
  5. hi all, just updated to the latest slink hourglass update for bakes on mesh, works great for system clothing, but omega appliers not working, even tho i have the slink omega system installer with relay, also have tried bake on mesh omega applier from the market place, still not working, also visa becky head update from slink, hair basses not working either, is this due to the body ? are i doing anything wrong, even system hair basses not showing , but they do before the update to the new slink versions be thankfull for any help please xxx
  6. hi does anyone know when there will be a release date for bom, seems like we are waiting forever , any info yet
  7. thank you for the info
  8. can someone help me here, we had a promise a few weeks back of new homes can someone tell me where they are please, only im a bit puzzled, every day i log on to second life web page, and click on get your homes now, there are no new areas, or homes just the old ones, nothing has changed seems like we will be waiting for ever, whats happening, i am very disappointed at this why are there still non available, can someone give me some feedback please
  9. binder59

    new homes

    hi there just wondering are there any new homes available yet, as everything has gone quiet, since the last batch, i want a traditional one , missed out on the last batch
  10. the point is they should have made enough for all premium members they know how may members they have, ok they may have a few left over, also i think that people who have been premium members for a long time should have had first choice, not newbies who have just signed up, thats my feeling about it, but hey ho we have to wait now, emails could have been sent to members who have been here for a long time, or they could have offerd them as a rewards system for being loyal to sl
  11. hope it dont take as long as bakes on mesh lol
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