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  1. You might want to try some of the things from this blog post: Troubleshoot Your SL Connection in case it is a connection problem. Also if you are on wifi, try connecting via an ethernet cable, if possible. SL if more demanding connection wise, for a stable connection, than many other sites.
  2. If by "Land Manager" you are referring to the Land Manager section of your account information, and the land is showing up under "Group Land", then it is showing you tier that you have donated to a group, not necessarily land you own (unless the group is your own group). If you want to change the amount of tier that you are donating, or clear it all together, you will need to log in and then bring up that group, go to the 'land' tab, and change the amount of tier that it shows you donating. As an FYI, your own land tier fees do include tier that you donate to groups, so this is something to keep in mind if you are looking to lower your land tier fees, or remove them altogether.
  3. Regarding cars and sim crossings, generally I do not have too much trouble. On the mainland roads there are usually signs to alert you that you are approaching a sim crossing. I have found that once you start to cross over, if it should go haywire, if you take your hands off the keys and wait a few seconds, you will usually end up back on the road in your vehicle.
  4. Check out some of the building classes at Builder's Brewery. Caledon University has some beginning building classes also. I'm sure there are more places with classes, but those are the two locations I most often go to classes at. It's handy to have a basic understanding of how you can build, re-size, texture prims. The Ivory Tower of Primitives is a cool place also, with some basic tutorials, and there is the Particle Labratory as well. Check out some of the role-playing sims. Check out some of the themed sims - they usually have groups also, where you can meet others if it's a themed area that interests you. Use the destination guide to find interesting places to visit. There are some very beautiful and interesting sims out there to explore.
  5. If you feel that the behavior of the scripted content used by the service is in violation of the TOS, then file an AR on the owner of the service. I think you would have an easier time of proving slander, libel or harrassment in a situation where you could show that a specific avatar (or group of avatars) was following you around and then getting you banned from the sims you visited. As an aside, I believe that LL has also stated that they don't get involved in resident to resident disputes, and it's not clear to me at what point actions from a resident to resident dispute become a matter of slander, libel or harrassment. Another interesting situation to ponder.
  6. Very true, that it depends on the types of games available. It's just hard for me to picture how this all may turn out - it seems a big jump for me at this time, probably because it's not a technology area I actively follow. It will be interesting to see how all this actually evolves and is implemented.
  7. irihapeti wrote: on the tech blogs they starting to talk about Mixed Reality a blending of 3D tech into common RL situations not yet really explored + example the single most advance in the last year or so of Mixed Reality is 3D-enabled cards in motor vehicles. NVidia just report a massive increase in sales of these cards. Way more than expected is two main areas at the mo 3D gaming consoles on the back of the front seats for kids sitting in the back seats. Headsets are being devved to go with these the children are stuck in the back of the car. On long trips then can put a headset/helmet on them. They be pretty happy to do that. Same their parents. Be happy (: and 3D GPS So the destination map is not a 2D map any more. Is a 3D sim of the road. Coming to a 3D dashboard mounted display near you. And to Google Glass plugged into the car battery while you wear and drive The idea of kids in the backseat wearing headsets/helmets playing on gaming consoles really bothers me. First, I think it is likely to cause a lot of car sickness issues. Second, I don't think that the only way to have a happy car trip is to have the kids completely engaged in electronics. There are a lot of interesting sights and scenery to be seen while traveling. I often talk about things I see or a quick bit of historical or interesting information about something that we're driving by when on long trips. I don't want them to loose a sense of awe or appreciation of different landscapes and geography. On one trip I made with my granddaughter, I made her a checklist of landmarks to find along the route, as well as a copy of the map of our route, with the town names, so she could follow our progress. I grew up in the era of paper maps - which were great - you could look and see all the different possibilities for getting from point A to point B on a long trip. Then you also had to pay attention along the route, and know where you were and where you were going to need to turn. My oldest daughter relies solely on her GPS and has no idea how to get to places without it, because she doesn't pay the same type of attention to the route while she's driving. I don't care for GPS's because I like to be able to picture the entire route in my mind. A 3D GPS would just be another added distraction, I think.
  8. For myself, I don't want my virtual reality to be so "real" that it blocks out my real world. I'm not very outgoing socially, and am very comfortable within myself, but I still like being connected with what is physically going on around me - family, pets, listening to the birds, traffic or even just the sounds of the neighborhood. Spending time in a virtual world would not be possible for me if it involved a VR headset or other items that completely blocked me from the hearing/seeing/being able to respond to my real world.
  9. When I first started here, I did get premium membership so that I could get a Linden home. I used that home for awhile until I had time to explore and see other home options available, and decide what route I wanted to go (keeping Linden home, buying land, leasing land, etc.). What I like about the premium membership is that it offers several options for having a home - the free Linden home or having free monthly tier for a 512 sqm mainland parcel or using the weekly stipend for renting a home or land from someone else. So I don't really see a strong need for an another option. Homes are very subjective. Just because it's a 'mesh house' and comes with a larger allotment of prims doesn't automatically make it appealing to me. I rented for a week once from one of the companies which offers over 100 different house styles to chose from, and never did find a home I liked from the selection. What has worked well for me was to get accounts for my alts, create a group and buy land for the group, with each donating their free-from-tier 512 sqm. A primary and one alt can end up with a tier free 1024 sqm and then can put the mesh house of their choosing on it - or take the combined stipend and rent a parcel or house of their liking (and even keep a Linden home as a hide-away )
  10. Those videos regarding the click farms and fake likes were interesting. Their existence had never occurred to me, but in retrospect makes sense, as it seems if there is a possibility of making money from something, there will be someone, someplace giving it a try. I used to be an administrator on a page for a very small church in a very small town. I was always perplexed by looking at the countries our 'likes' were from, but these videos shed some light on that. Personally, I have been removing most all of my page likes from FB pages, and removing almost all 'friends' except for family and a few co-workers. I no longer use my FB login for logging into any other site either. I've always been wary of clicking through on FB ads to begin with, generally going to a vendor's website directly if I did happen to see an ad I was interested in (which was very seldom, to begin with). If I still were involved with administering a FB page, I would have second thoughts about the benefits of paying money to promote the page or posts from it.
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