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  1. Oh thanks you just saved me a lot of trouble, the case ended up being I was keeping my color switch equipped, when I think I was only supposed to put it on, then take it off.
  2. It's right next to the droid thingy, it's this dark grayish square that won't go away no matter what I do, and I have no clue what's causing it to show up. I tried the default SL viewer, as well as clearing cache, and that did no good. I also did google searches to try to figure out similar issues, and found nothing. Can someone please help me figure out what's going on? I really miss having my full screen viewable and would really appreciate any help on this matter.
  3. Honestly, I think anti-furries are just mad that in SL we finally have a large diverse world, where furries have so many options, and are able to be themselves, and do everything human avatars can do. In other online worlds we're often forced to either be a species we don't like being, an individual character we can't customize as much as humans can be customized, or we're forced to be a human. Anti-furs hate SL, cause furries are able to exist here in all of their numerous diversity, without the anti-furs being able to do anything about it. As for people who hate furries cause they feel it turns SL into a game, you do know many of us wish the technology existed in the current age to safely and effectively turn into furry like humanoids don't you? Maybe that disturbs you or whatever, I don't care, but if I got to decide everything about myself, I wouldn't be a boring mundane human, and I'd look like a hybrid between a human and something else instead. I wouldn't give up my opposable digits or sentient intelligence either, but being a human when I can be literally anything? Yeah no, sorry I don't think humans are the pinnacle of awesomeness or whatever. And if someone hates furries so much, I honestly think they're scared of either humans evolving into more advanced species that look less human, or that they're scared of sentient non-humans who have opposable digits, and are capable of using humans technology. That or someone in a fursuit was mean to them in the offline world, and they took it a bit too seriously and overreacted. Or they just buy into every stereotype the media portrays about furries uncritically. Generally speaking a good rule of thumb I think is, the more something upsets anti-furries the more awesome it likely is. Lastly there are a few individuals who actually do have a rather, frightening level of hatred towards furries, although fortunately they seem to be quite rare from what I've seen.
  4. Probably not, just because someone does something bad doesn't mean it's always illegal.
  5. I remember this one very tall structure I found without even looking for huge structures, I don't remember the exacts but I think it was like this... Kinda zigzag shaped thing that went up seemingly forever. I think it was at least a thousand feet high, and it took me quite a long time to hit the ground before falling. Now that I hear about this beanstalk I'm curious to see it, and wonder if it's significantly taller than whatever it was I remembered. I forget where it was, it was something I saw a few months ago when I started exploring.
  6. I think so far as age related stuff goes Second Life is perfect in it's current state really. Adult content is a big part of SL, and trying to make SL g-rated or something, would ruin a lot of good things about it. For both moral and legal reasons there are many 18+ zones, which allows all that adult content to exist without being in every single zone, and imo that's the way it should be. I don't want adult content to all be removed in some attempt to make SL all g-rated, and I certainly don't want to lose various adult only spaces that mean a lot to me. I'd be devastated if that ever happened, and if minors invaded these places, I'd start to feel a bit creeped out and highly uncomfortable. As for what you mentioned, yes I'm sorry that some minors feel homogenized with much younger minors but the line has to be drawn somewhere, and the most important thing being keeping minors out of adult specific places. Yes SL is very much adult oriented, this isn't a bad thing though. Some things just simply are heavily adult oriented, and that's a part of what makes them what they are, that isn't inherently bad or anything. Honestly if someone whose under 18 wants to explore everywhere in Second Life, they should probably just focus on other things until they're actually 18+. There's also much better cyber worlds and or video games for minors to be playing anyways, stuff that isn't so heavily adult centric. Let Second Life remain the heavily adult oriented world it is, and just let minors focus more on less adult oriented media, that's how we can prevent any of these problems in the first place. Some games, cyber worlds and so on, are built upon centering certain groups, and trying to focus on fully pleasing everyone with it, dillutes and ruins them. Which is why I feel if someone isn't part of a group a game, or online world is centered upon, that they should just find something else. That way no fighting over it, no lawsuits, no hurt feelings, and nobody loses their favorite stuff. I'm sure there's some groups on SL I would severely dislike if I went out of my way looking for them- and you know what I do? I simply avoid them. TLDR: Please do not ruin Second Life by dilluting what makes it such an awesome place, just to make it more family friendly. If you want a G rated online world or game, then you're not looking in the right place.
  7. Yeah I am too ... At least I know it's not just me now though, I was seriously worried I had some computer ending virus or something, relieved to see that's not the case.
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