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  1. Looking for a grandfather or buy down Homestead and 20k Full Sim. Not in world much, so need a heads up if you are trying to contact me. Thanks
  2. SCRIPTER NEEDED IMMEDIATELY!!! -Hovertext on/off, on rental info -Add partner, allows you to authorize more than one partner per rented space, making it easier for them as all partners can place objects . -possible split rent up to 5 person or more -Split key to share with one other person the rental income, Split %, -im owner and mangers with payment -Can be connected to a parcel or door to allow access to renter once the box is payed. -able to set the price and prims allowed -email owner -Add managers -setup up to 4 different discounts depending on the length of the rental period . -rent weekly, monthly -prim count and im renter/owner when over limit -rent due reminder 3 days, 2 days 1 day im to renter / owner -add to the group once payment is made renter/partners -no prim shrinking -give notecard on 1st touch. renter and new comers. -possible lockout. -reset, evict, reserve owner only -need copy/mod/transfer *more then one language would be a plus
  3. Hi was wondering if you truly own a full region when you click and buy using the land option? I thought a case support ticket neded to be submitted first.
  4. Gigli

    Sale Sale Sale

    Yongdong (40,160) Moderate 15360m. 4864 -1113 prims mainland. Here is a chance to own your own land. looking for a quick sale Yongdong (38,96,31) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yongdong/38/96/31
  5. I want to say its a very nice piece of land. I know its Mainland but what do you mean by 15LL water sims? Did i read the info right? You want 500 + in us dollars= 185000 ? I followed the link and thought I might of landed wrong.
  6. Hi, own the land slightly to the left of you on the waterfront. If you are serious about a fast sale please contact me. I would like to set up on that same region with a lower offer. There are big fishing signs, and boxed in by larger builds. Only way to see the waterfront one must build high. I am willing to take this off you hands with a lower offer.
  7. Looking for a Sim, but TBH not looking to spend so much, if your price drops soon contact me
  8. I am intrested in buying
  9. I am on mac, is there anything i can do to stop the crash?
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