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  1. Available again! Residential or commercial -- purchase price of land is applied as first weeks rent!
  2. Perfect cozy beach house, garden and boat slip on the South Channel Opposite Nautilus. 896sqm Parcel 305 prims (unfurnished) 123 prims furnished. Check the map! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bluemlisalp/35/210/22 Sail away now!
  3. There is one small caveat to the 1024 allotment in that you get a 10% group allowance increasing your premium allotment to a whopping 1126 applicable to mainland parcels. Of course more premium accounts can add to that number 1024 +1024 + 10% bonus etc, for a bigger parcel.
  4. Adult parcel - residential or commercial. Sim owner for 10 years by small sim owner so get that great service you deserve. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chained Isle/12/143/22 850L p/w 1250 prim Bonus: 1/4 sim Jungle area beside your new home is free for resident to use explore and enjoy the hidden surprises!
  5. Priced dropped to 10L a sqm! Sail to the Blake seas from your own estate!
  6. Price dropped to 8L a sqm - check out the sailing you have!
  7. A diamond of a property on the water! 1648 sgm 565 prims 49,000L On a channel and directly to the Blake Sea.- 8 sims away! oh yes it is that good. Take a look! <> Sorry I will not hold it. First in gets it!
  8. True land for flying or sailing to 16+ sims of wide open seas. Great land at an even better price- cam the area and you will SEE! Yes a LL beach, your own beach and coastal waterway parcel! Under 9 L s/m!!! Size: 2048 sqm Prims: 703 .http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hawkeye/170/236/22
  9. Beautiful land on the Coastal Waterway with a straight sail/fly of about 16 sims to Blake Sea. You won't find anything closer at this price point- only ~12 L a sqm! SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/De Newenham/133/42/24 * Real land. * Real Coast Waterway (unblockable) * Real LL Beach in front. 3072 sqm in a rectangle (no funky shape!) Won't last at this low price.
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