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  1. Directly on the coastal Waterway. Unblockable views and unblockable sailing. 16 sims to the Blake sea. Priced dropped to 20L sq/m 3 parcels- or combine for your mansion!
  2. Fish face made me think of the 7 Seas fishing game. I know I have seen a few vendors around still but not sure the creator has added anything new for..ever.
  3. I must have missed your incredibly detailed and enlightening...single word post. Forgive me 'ole most highly regarded noob.
  4. Don't forget the spankers and titlers as fads. There was a time you couldn't go anywhere without hearing a smack and "so and so spanked so and so". And titlers- where other people could put a title over your head - naughty titles and such - Just cringing at the memories!
  5. Obviously I am not up with current pricing. Now this Coastal waterway with LL beach in front is now at 13.5 sq/m. You can sail fly directly to 16+ sims with LL islands and rezz zones - More if you want to go beside the mainland continent), 4096 of abandoned land behind you can claim from LL to make the property the size you want for you and your group! Has real land and is not just a water lot. Look around http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hawkeye/170/236/22 Want to make an offer?
  6. Yep - price dropped and it the best land as far as the eye..err cam..can see!
  7. I think it's not much different from RL shopping. Some listen. Some don't. As a merchant, for more years than I care to remember, I have created items based upon feedback, changed perms, or added elements based upon customer response and feedback. I have had to revise two items in all those years to fix something that was broken in some way and gave a giftcard to the first person to tell me and then updated and redelivered the fixed item inside 48-hours. My bottom line is, I provide the customer experience I would want others to provide. If I dont' get it good service I simply vote with my L$ as I am sure most of us do.
  8. Peak landholding is the total amount of land you owned during your tier period. e.g. If you had a 4096 and sold 2048 of it during the month..your "peak" was 4096 even though you finished your month at 2048.
  9. I agree that this is a BS way to treat your tenants. I couldn't imagine being with this landlord for years and the landlord jacking the price up and down all the time? In the meantime the tenant is loyal stays. pays on time, and gets the same level of service from the landlord - and as a thank you I incur the landlords perceived business risk of having a sim (which is a fixed cost- and in fact was lowered by LL) changing prices because "there is change in supply and demand". I don't know of landlords pricing below cost , below perhaps a promo period, and so then up/down pricing is a matter securing of the landlords level of profit. I wonder what the landlord would say if LL priced the landlords tier according to land availability. There is always more land in SL. Run. Run . Run.
  10. Price dropped again. Selling this wonderful parcel at less than comparable lands. check out all the open water you can sail and fly!
  11. Price dropped! Take a look around - protected with real flying and sailing!
  12. 2048 sqm 703 prims Directly on the coastal waterway. Protected one side with LL. Abandoned land behind to claim and make a bigger plot if you want. In the famous "Mash" sims with an abidance of LL water and sky to sail away. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hawkeye/170/236/22 Priced for a quick sale- this one will not last!
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