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  1. Unscheduled maintenance: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ "Cannot create requested inventory" is happening to many people during this one. I would definitely avoid anything that results in receiving inventory until the unscheduled maintenance is over.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply and link. I thought I was losing my mind. Also worth saying, in case someone else sees this, that setting this in the parcel description still works (using that as a work around for now). I.E. /*Windlight Sky: "[AnaLu] studio1"RegionOverride*/
  3. In region / estate Sky/Day Cycle settings, when I select a "Fixed sky", I do see the preview. But, for some reason, when I hit Apply, anything that is "fog" does not save. I've never seen anything like this before. It's possible another estate manager changed something, but I don't know what (and that person is not answering). This also is not something in my view preferences. Would there be anything that prevents "fog" type of settings to not save or be ignored? Almost feel like crying because this is very upsetting. Light and environment are everything. Thanks in
  4. I'm looking for an interior designer / decorator for a one-time project. This is for a house interior in Cedar Creek township. Flexible on $L and as the designer you would have total freedom of creative control. I can purchase furniture and items from a list you give me. I also have some items already, but would not require them to be used - that would be up to you. IM me in-world to setup a meeting if interested. Thanks! JoshyV3
  5. Would the edit rights feature still be in effect when the friend is no longer a friend? I had enabled my object edit rights to a friend, and now that he isn't a friend, I'm just wondering if the edit rights stay as a non-friend. And if so, how can that be changed. I think unfriending may automatically remove those rights, but could not find info on that. Thanks ^^
  6. I really hate to start another thread on this topic. I'm just wondering if anyone has been through heartbreak on SL when it feels even worse than "RL" breakups when there aren't any SL or RL friends you can even talk to about it. I know listening to someone describe all the details of what happened isn't something just anyone would care about fully. But seriously, the feeling I have now is so much worse because there is nobody RL or SL I can talk to about this. And, the friends who I can talk to about this, only think of this as good news, because now I'm "available" or wha
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