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  1. I use firestorm, and am on the latest version. Pretty much in most cases unpacking something I'll get the system message "Cannot create requested inventory" and as expected the objects don't appear unpacked into my inventory. I haven't had that happen before, so I was wondering if there are anything happening server side or if it is just me. After a while I may be able to get it to work when I try later, but it is still pretty annoying when it happens. Secondly for some reason I'm starting to get some form of lag in the way that if I try detaching something it may take a while to actually detach or I may even have to restart the viewer to try again, which is resulting in quite a lot of annoyance as I'm not trying to hit 10 pit stops getting from point A to point B. Thirdly whenever I do login my alpha's aren't seeming to be working or displaying right. They'll show the greyed texture that I'm guessing would be the legacy/classic SL body, that is until I edit one of the alphas, then they start to work, but I have to do it each and every viewer restart. According to firestorm my ping is alright, it hasn't hit red and I'm on about a 7.5 mbps download line [it can fluctuate but it usually sits between 6 and 10 and is mostly stable in-between those two points]. When I look at the situation myself I'd usually think that I'm experiencing some sort of abnormally high ping or bad isp line.. or something along those lines. In any case, is anyone else having issues or, alternatively, advice for me. Thanks for reading up :)
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