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  1. hmm seams you may not have gone to one of my regions as no record of you on one of mine, so no idea why you would put that exept to make us look bad, however, if i wasnt there excuse me for having either a r/l to deal with and or needing some sleep / or other tenants on 65 regions to take care of which im considering dropping cause im breaking laws according to you, for a "Advisor" you sure know how to make people feel welcome and cause issues
  2. hmm so a land owner renting land out is breaking rules hmm interesting, might just drop 65 regions then
  3. i to have had this issue, mine worked once i cleared my Cache While in world press ctl and P ( this will bring up your preferances) on the left click Network and Cache then in that box youll see a button that says Clear Cache If you havent done it for a while be prepared for a bit of a wait when you log back in, mine took 30 mins to compleate, id never done it in 2 years
  4. sent you a message in world
  5. This parcel has been rented ... Thank you for viewing! Check back again for another daily special
  6. This special was rented out! Sorry everyone. Try back again for further specials.
  7. Just wanted to say a huge TY to the moderation team for clearing the spams from our stalker, its a shame that our stalker is doing this in a attempt to hurt this business, one day they will learn it wont work, but ty to the moderation team. One day our stalker will grow up and leave us alone and the law will catch up with them, cause not only will LL shut down this forum to stop abusive people like this posting on numorus alts (since the 1st August on a hourly basis) and this will hurt everyone who posts here. Maybe we need a option on the forums to LOCK our own posts so crazy ass stalkers like this cant post on our posts
  8. sometimes it does happen especially if your trying to send more than 20 folders at a time keep trying eventually they will send
  9. hi give us a yell in world, weve a few parcels open and allow breedables on certain sims we own Damienthor Reisident
  10. hi give me a yell in world, i can accept L$ or Paypal if you prefer Stargazer Estates http://www.stargazer-estates.com
  11. hi kitty give me a yell in world i may be able to help you
  12. and welcome to stargazer estates,
  13. hi send me a message in worls id be happy to help out Damienthor Resident or visit our offices and chat to any of our staff