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  1. Marianne Little wrote: TMP head and Maitreya body is almost flawless. At least if the skin designer has good appliers. I have quit using the TMP body when the Maitreya came out. Then I stopped using the TMP head when the LeLutka heads came out. But in a period, I was wearing TMP head with Maitreya body. You can see in this undedited picture: You can see a slight colorchange? This is Glam Affair appilers for both head and body. I stopped wearing TMP because of their StyleMode HUD and their policy... the design and product looks good. I started to get problems when the StyleMode HUD was filling up. It was annoying to flip through and look at the small icons. Wow, thank you very much for telling me about your experience and providing a photo for us all to see! That looks like a very good match to me... almost flawless! I am so excited to get my 'mesh on.' LOL
  2. Ariel Vuissent wrote: They should be usable together, but the easiest way to see for yourself is to grab a demo of the head, and a demo of the body, and try them on together. Triple check the neck, as that causes the most problems with any mesh head and mesh body worn together; the neck joins don't always match up. Thank you so much Ariel! ☺
  3. Wow, Thank you all for the input regarding the Mesh Project bodies. I didn't realize the process that goes into making clothing, etc. for the body. Thank you for that information. I notice that a lot of people prefer the Maitreya mesh body, because of its versatility. Is it possible to have a TMP head with a Maitreya body? There's a designer that I came across - "Modish" and they sell face installers for TMP heads and skin appliers for the Maitreya body, so that's why I'm curious to know if this combo works. If so... that would be excellent! Thank you all again for your time & input regarding this. I really do appreciate it!
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm new to the TMP for female avatars, and I'm having an extremely hard time finding designers that make clothing for the body. Can any of you that own this body tell me which are your favorite designers so that I can go and check them out? I would greatly appreciate your help and input! Thank you very much in advance!
  5. kaczeniak1994 wrote: i think its dicrassful but i did some digging...... the person who left never intended on keeping the sim going..... she palmed it off onto two people she knew couldnt keep it going an then left with all the lindens... reason they cant pay back is cause there is no lindens to pay back..... they all been taken an deposited in the alt accounts she still has active... an so she did this to cover her big scam..... Yeah, this is absolutely disgusting. I hope that Linden Labs will ban her from Second Life.
  6. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Illuminatra wrote: What can everyone do in situations like this? That is the chance you take when renting from someone rather than "buying" directly from LL... it happens all the time and there's nothing you can do about it except move on, find a new place and remember never to pay tier to someone too far in advance, should you choose to continue renting rather than owning. ...Dres Chance or not, it's complete bull-sh*t & I am sorry that I paid my rent on time every week to someone who's been in Second Life for 7 years. Who can you trust then?
  7. On April 7th, everyone in the community that I currently reside in received this notice from the prior owner: Dear residents, It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that I am leaving SL. Due to RL changes I am no longer able to to reside in SL. WIth that said... no worries on the sim, cause I am happy to announce that (NAME OMITTED) has purchased the town and will be taking over from this point forward. She is a wonderful friend and Im sure you will love her as much as me. I will miss you all and wish you all the best in and out of world. So lets give a bit welcome and congrats to her!! And then April 8th: Just so Everyone knows, I don't know if there is confusion but, We are not closing down by any means, just having to re-adjust and help take care of the sim for everyone! So please if anyone needs anything, contact me, (NAMES OMITTED) if you need anything. If you wanna help out, we can always use the extra hands. Thanks have a good day! And then today: The sim will be closing. It was a tough decision but it had to be made. Sorry to everyone about everything, just some things have to die. I wish the best of luck to all of you. What can everyone do in situations like this? I still had 6 days left on my meter. I am absolutely disgusted right now.
  8. Akie wrote: Hello Illuminatra, That symbol is an indication of the current nearby voice status. Green means that it is connected successfully, and you should be able to hear other avatars that are speaking. Yellow means it is connecting, and red means it is not connected. Hi Akie, Thank you so much!
  9. Hi Firestorm Users, I just wanted to know if anyone knew what the colored symbol next to the "Nearby Chat" means? I've seen it green, yellow and red. I have tried looking this up several times and cannot find any information on it (maybe I am not looking in the correct places). Can anyone help?
  10. I think this is fun! :matte-motes-big-grin: 1) The most I have ever spent on one item would have to be a kitchen set that I purchased for $6750. I am disappointed with the purchase, because I only used it for 1 week. 2) RANDOM ITEMS My Home = $4845 My Car = $2500 Hair = I can honestly say that I have probably spent over $5000 on hair. I LOVE hair... what girl on here doesn't love a new wig/weave or whatever you want to call it? Item = Kitchen set that I purchased for $6750 My new avatar skin set cost about $4500. All in all I have spent WAY too much money on my avatar. SL makes it very easy to spend! *Hides face in shame*
  11. Hi hon, I personally really LOVE Gizza. Gizza has a great sale going on right now. 30 & 50% off of certain items. I have almost everything in there, it's awful... but they are so freaking affordable.
  12. Czari Zenovka wrote: Illuminatra wrote: To expand on this... are we allowed to sell items that are not listed on the Marketplace already? I tried setting up a Magic Box, but because the items were not listed on the Marketplace already I did not see them in my Magic Box Inventory on the Marketplace. Did I do something wrong? If I am understanding your question correctly, it appears that you did not create a listing for your items but rather thought that if they were already listed on the MP (presumably by the creator) then your listing would just appear. If I read your question incorrectly and that is not the case I apologize. In the past I have sold used items, even prior to my becoming a merchant. I placed the items in my Magic Box, which has to be rezzed in world at all times to function, then created listings for the items, including photos that I took of each. On the current MP software, you then need to synch the listing with the MP website. The button to do this is at the top right of the Manage Listings Page in your MP store or listings. You understood me perfectly! That makes a lot of sense now, thank you!
  13. To expand on this... are we allowed to sell items that are not listed on the Marketplace already? I tried setting up a Magic Box, but because the items were not listed on the Marketplace already I did not see them in my Magic Box Inventory on the Marketplace. Did I do something wrong?
  14. I just wanted to thank the Firestorm team for releasing the viewer update! I am VERY pleased with the improved viewer so far... and I cannot wait to see the Fitted Mesh clothing. YAY! P.S. Is it just me or do things look SO much better with this new viewer? Like my clothes, sky, etc just look much more rich & detailed! LOVE IT!
  15. In my opinion, if all of the others are updated regularly I don't see why it's so hard for the Firestorm team to follow the same schedule... or at least be more definitive about their update schedule.
  16. Jandid Harcourt wrote: This is still happening to me BTW. Things are loading just like in my original picture, it takes about 10+ restarts of firestorm, at least 1 clear cache to fix it. Its horrible. It makes the game annoying to play. I am also using the Verizon FiOS internet service, but I have a good plan. Not sure what it would be that would cause it as I am not really good with networking and crap like that but I have a 45mbps DL speed and 15 MBPS UL speed. I use Wifi, but the routers close and ive never had this problem. This is really nervewrecking. I wonder what the issue with Verizon is?
  17. TristanMercer wrote: Just found out that this is mostly happening with people on Verizon...either their DSL or FioS. What company are you guys using? Anyone other than Verizon? I am using Verizon FiOS.
  18. TristanMercer wrote: I just completely reinstalled Firestorm and the problem persists. This was a clean reinstall. Totally wiped everything out. So yea...Firestorm is shot to hell and it seems they do not even care. I am with you on this one Tristan. It is definitely a Firestorm issue. I have done the same as you. Here's hoping that the update comes out very soon.
  19. TristanMercer wrote: About 4 or 5 days ago...Noticed it Friday and has gotten progressively worse. I am beginning to not render at all, everyone else is gray. ETA: I am on the FS Beta Wow, same here. I keep re-logging & and have cleared cache at least 3 times now. Nothing has improved.
  20. TristanMercer wrote: This is definitely a Firestorm issue. Though their useless support is claiming that I am getting bake fake when my packet loss is 0.0%. Typical. Think it is about they stop pussyfooting around cause LL has left the Firestorm team in the dust. When did the issue start happening for you? Verizon's speed test shows that I am getting 35 MBPS Down/30 MBPS Up. I just don't understand why this issue just started happening.
  21. I honestly think that this is an issue with Firestorm. Second Life was working fine last week until Friday. Now it takes forever for my avatar to show up (orange particles), avatars are gray. I have done EVERYTHING that was suggested on Firestorm's website. I even got a new router today thinking that it was my Internet connection, but it's not. I don't know what to do. I am sad that this problem is severly hindering my Second Life experience.
  22. You're right. None of the fixes really work. I've tried everything. It just started happening these past 2-3 days. When will Firestorm get updated to support Fitted Mesh?
  23. I don't understand what is going on honestly. Everything is just rezzing so slowly. What viewer do you use?
  24. This just started happening to me too. I noticed this issue about 2 days ago. I have cleared my cache, re-installed and re-logged several times and nothing really fixes it.
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