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  1. Hi there, :smileyhappy: Am I allowed to resell past purchased items that are (no copy), under "Used Items" on the marketplace? This is a bit urgent for some reasons Thanks, Oreo
  2. Hey, I need a bit of help.. How do I made faded/blurred edges connect at the seams of the SL avatar mesh? I want to texture my furry, (underbelly flur, armsocks, etc)... But, after I make the hard edges match up, and then go to gaussian blur them. When I recheck them in world the seam doesn NOT match any more. Some mesh avs do not have this problem. How can I fix this? Other people can made these fades nicely without any seams :/
  3. OreoOwl

    Mesh rigging?

    Hello Thank you, Cathy! I wasn't aware of Avastar's tutorial on the subject, or their forums. I tend to skim through websites pretty fast... I'll have a look around there, as well as some Youtube searches <3 -Oreo Owl
  4. OreoOwl

    Mesh rigging?

    Hi there, I am using Zbrush and Blender Avastar. I'm not sure which is better to use for rigging, or how to go about "weighting". >_< /facepalm Maybe some links to tutorials would be helpful... Thanks (: And as it being for inworldz, it is not. I'm using this personally for the main version of SL. I don't think I mentioned inworldz or posted in such a forum... Also, I couldn't make the avatar's head less wide with the sliders without also making the head longer in the proccess. Thus I had to tweak it in a program. Thanks, Oreo
  5. OreoOwl

    Mesh rigging?

    Hey there, :matte-motes-smile: I've got a question... I went ahead and tweaked my avatar's head shape in Zbrush slightly, I'd now like to use this tweaked head shape as my new one inworld. Also, please keep in mind, this isn't an enitrely new mesh head, it's just an edited form of the default LL mesh. Now... My question..... I want this head to be rigged and worn seamlessly with my current body. How would I go about doing this? I'm new at rigging, and I do not know how to align it in such a way to replace my current. I know that creators who have done mesh heads have aligned them flawlessly with the LL default shape. I'm not sure how far I will go down in rigging the head, but my bodyfat is 22, muscle 33. help is highly appreciated! Thanks, OreoOwl
  6. Hey, Thank you everyone for your input. I'll try not to fuss over it too much, I understand what you all mean. My ocd tendency kind of gets in the way sometimes, haha. But thank you.
  7. Thank you for your input! (: I will definitely try out your advice. I can kind of see what you mean about the nostril and mouth spacing now. I had it shorter a while ago.
  8. Hey everyone, I had created a thread some while ago regarding my ava's eyes on a new shape I was creating. I feel as if I am being spammy but I don't have many people at all to go to for help on this subject, so.. I apologize. Anyways, I have been working on and off on that said shape for a little while and I am -almost- happy with it now. My issue is - her eyes Do they seem to be an acceptable size to you? And is their innerocular distance acceptable as well? I feel as if the innerocular distance is too close in comparison to her nose width.. It's bugging the living hell out of me. But I may be nitpicking/going overboard on something that isn't even much of a big deal. I tend to go a little nuts on details... Thank you for your very much appreciated input, Oreo Owl
  9. Hey all, I've been having an issue when I set shadow blur to 0 in any viewer that I use. I get a really grainy effect with ambient occlusion. Are there any settings I can use to correct this? I've included an image below.
  10. Hi, My Mother has recently bought me an Alienware gaming notebook, which is 14". I am also running Niran's viewer on it's highest settings getting around 14-40 fps. SL seems to be a bit blurry for me though, not extremely noticeable. But it's really reaally irking me. I can't get over it... ): Do any of you have some ideas for a change in SL screen resolution for me? ): Or any other good advice? Please and thank you, Oreo Owl
  11. Thank you everyone for your input! It was greatly appreciated. ^.^ I will probably go with #2 now. I mighht mix them together a bit, but I'm not sure. Sorry I couldn't reply sooner, I was asleep. Hehe.
  12. Hello all, I've been working on creating my own first decent face shape for maybe.. a week now. I'm not sure. It's proven to be challenging for me. Anyways, I've come here to ask of you opinions on what I could do to improve on it... It is based on a proportional human face the best that I could manage. I've also included two SL snapshots of my ava's face. There are two different eye types I've created. One larger, one smaller. I would like to know which of the two you find to suit the face better. (: Thank you!
  13. Hello, Does anyone here have the ability for quality texture modding on furry avatars? PLEASE pop me a notecard inworld (OreoOwl Resident) I need a pair of wings, a tail, and 2 ears to be textured. (: Thank you! :catvery-happy:
  14. Thank you. I'll be sure to check out Solitaire once I get home. It sounds nice! As for the other two, I've allready been there a number of times, haha.
  15. Hello, I love to hang around beautiful sims when having nothing to do. I don't know of any except those that are from the destination guide. Do any of you out there know of new places that may intrigue me? I tend to be quite picky, I like realism and detail. Examples: Calas Galadhon simsTempura All suggestions appreciated! Thank you in advance.
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