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  1. When LL have a clean slate like in Sansar, then they act on some of these issues. For example, you can't list over 50 items without incurring a monthly fee of $10, so this helps because most people won't pay $10 if they don't care about their listings or if it's not selling and dead. No need for them to log in if they're paying for it. So, do we want that? Not sure Also, in Sansar they have customer self-redelivery .
  2. thank you for explaining that. There have been others who have asked for a way to turn off the music. I think Torley is rather proud of his 'calming effect' music though. Link below to vote if you haven't found it already https://help.sansar.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115009637046-Option-to-turn-off-waiting-room-music
  3. nobody would ask, but it's nice to know I guess. But I wasn't wondering
  4. I been reading, and I figured that @Klytyna doesn't like Sansar. She hates it so much that it makes her vomit
  5. Madeliefste Oh wrote: And then you have the trouble of filing a dmca report, it can take several weeks before LL reacts to it. It is all very upsetting. This may have been a while ago. LL have become a lot more efficient in acting on DMCA reports. It now takes between 2 to 4 days for items to be removed from the MP.
  6. Tara, I'm sorry, you meant avoid stores that set price limits. I just saw the words 'ignore' and 'EULA' in the same sentence, and it hit a nerve. This post is not meant only for you, Tara. But for anyone who might not understand, please consider this scenario. Imagine you spend several weeks creating an item, and you finish it with pride. Your item is high quality and, in your opinion, worth at least L$350. You set a price of L$350, and make it full perm so that others can use it in their creations. A few weeks later your high quality item shows up selling for L$10 (with minimal change) near the top of its search category. A few weeks more, several other sellers are offering your item at L$10 to L$20 - not hard to find as they are all high in search. So, the item that you spent so much time creating, and that you were so proud of, and that you value at L$350, is now becoming established in the marketplace at the price of L$10, and it is being snapped up. This is not even mentioning those who give it away free to attract customers to their store. This happens!! After a period of time the sale of your full perm item starts to decrease. And this makes sense because why would merchants want to use it in their creations when their customers can buy it themselves for L$10? Items selling for L$10 with a high sales rate tend to become common very quickly, hence trashy. For the record, I'm not a merchant. My rl partner sells full perm items, so I don't need to do research. We know first hand. We never had price limits until this started happening over and over again. The price limits fixed the problem almost completely. We are not too concerned about inworld stores as sales tend to be slower there, but we still get reports from customers and check it out. In our situation, price limits stopped a situation we found undesirable. We had a problem, we needed a solution, and this worked for us. We don't care about theory or practice or research or anyone else's experiences - only interested in ours. However, this post might provide some insight into why full perm merchants price fix.
  7. Tari Landar wrote: If the "pricing rules" aren't legal to begin with There seems to be different views on this. When it comes to digital copies the rules might be different. I really don't know, but I suspect you don't know either. What I don't understand is why you would buy and profit from someone else's hard work, and stick your finger up to their rules. As for the rest of your post, I can't follow your logic.
  8. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: .......there is no way for the creator to enforce it. If people bought full perm items with intentions of ignoring the pricing rules because 'the creator cannot enforce it' then this is maliciously acting to destroy the business. The rules are there to protect the business. Oh, this would be so unfair. As an act of decency you would respect the rules.
  9. From that link '.....Some argue that the manufacturer may do this because it wishes to keep resellers profitable, thus keeping the manufacturer profitable' I thought about this and to me it sounds like a valid argument. Here's how I see it relating to SL. If buyers of full perm items were to resell at very low or give away prices couldn't that lead to flooding SL with the items, and thus making the items so common they become worthless? I think full perm sellers take a huge risk, and therefore should be able to state rules to protect their products, and thus their profits. They don't have the protection that comes with copy or transfer only items. To the OP, why don't you just not buy these items if the rules annoy you. If you can take the time to create it yourself (usually a lot of time) then you will be free of all the rules
  10. This is another angle so yes it is fixed. My friend sees the wings as perfect. so maybe it's a client side problem, by which I mean something with my graphics or some setting. I could use alpha masking and all works fine but then my wings aren't slightly transparent. I'm thinking it's just my problem, something local, and others can see the wings just fine with materials and transparency. I have had the issue before so it isn't just the wings, but always with materials and alpha combination. So I was wondering if it is a known issue or just me - starting to think it's just me.
  11. I'm using normals bumpiness, but it seems that even just the shininess alone will cause it, or just the normal without specular - same issue. My wings are double sided planes that look like this image
  12. When I use Bumpiness and Shininess with alpha blending it has this problem - see image. When I use None or Alpha Masking there's no issue, but I want wings to be slightly transparent and with materials. The issue is also there if if I use any transparency setting. I'm using Firestorm, but I want to know if this is a known issue with materials and transparency or is it just me.
  13. The avatars are not very attractive. Yes, they might be bad imitations of ordinary people but I don't think many newbies want to look ordinary. They'd be very hard to fall in love with. Some of the men look scary. One has a very bad wig and looks a bit psycho. One looks like a drug addict. Another like a criminal and not a sexy one. The skin pops out of clothes in places. That's the most annoying thing about mesh. Anyway, we don't want them to be too good because they are free. Creators want to do better than the default - and LL has made that easy to achieve
  14. Anaiya Ahren wrote: Yes but it doesn't matter. If someone is going to share the model after buying, does it matter if they do that by sending the password rather than emailing the model or uploading the model to the same file sharing site and giving out the link and password to their version of it? This is true. People will share it anyway if they choose to. I'm going to use a file hosting site with a link on a notecard. The models will be basic and inexpensive so it won't matter so much. Thanks everyone
  15. OK, so in other words you don't know. Thanks for responding anyway. But as for your last sentence, I think I am capable of weighing up that risk myself. It really isn't too much different from selling a sculpt map. As for turbosquid, good luck to them. And my purpose wasn't to teach people. now move along
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