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  1. I would love to take shome shots with you as well ... Give me a jingle.
  2. Two things that will help you find a girl in SL (or RL, for that matter): 1. Spelling. 2. Sentence structure, especially punctuation. Not looking like a rambling looney is one of many keys to a girl's heart.
  3. My friend Trasee made a home for her beach property and is selling it on the Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TD-Homes-Monterey-Beach-House/6623296 It should fit very well on the land you describe. It's very open, breezy, and works very well on a beach. Plus, it's well under the 200 prim land impact you're looking for. Follow the link on the MP entry to see it inworld.
  4. A & Y has some really cool stuff ... I would start there. Search for them on the marketplace... you can also get a link to their inworld store there. Also, searching for the tems "rave" and "cyber" in the marketplace and narrowing down to apparel would get you even more results.
  5. I'm interested as well! I can be reached by IM at Skye Neuhaus. Or send an email here.
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