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  1. I am interested in the dancer position. I will put in an application sometime tomorrow.
  2. I can do nearly anything that has to do with some type of roleplay/emoting. I have managed a couple of clubs. I have been a dancer. I am pretty good with posting emotes, I am very descriptive. Anything else to do with roleplay/emoting, I'm fairly certain I can do. Things about me and my avatar. First, I am in EST and would need to work mornings EST. Weekends and holidays are not 100%. I do have a family RT and they come first. Another thing, I do not have a mesh body or slink anything. I will be completely honest and say that those places that "require" such is kind of unfair. I ge
  3. Are you looking for a job in an environment where those you work with treat you like family? Do you seek to enjoy yourself within the work place? If you answer yes, please read on. At The Vault we seek those who can host and those who can dance. Dancers, what we are looking for are those who emote fairly well. Not gesture, but emote. Gestures are good but we seek those who can emote. We are willing to train. Payment for hosts will be 300 per set. Dancers will earn 100 linden every two hours. All experienced dancers will receive 100% of their tips. Those in need of training will be with an 80/2
  4. Pink Dragon Dance Club is fairly new to the scene. We are not only a business but we are all a tight knit family. We are seeking dancers who are interested in being part of this growing club! If you can emote fairly well then we would like to interview you! As a dancer we work for tips. Our percentage is 74 with a 20 percent to the clubs owner and a 6 percent to the tip jars creator. If you feel perfectly fine with this please contact me in-world or leave a response here. Thank you! To check the place out... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sin/31/164/24
  5. Hello. I am a pretty excellent roleplayer. I can emote pretty darn good. I am in search of employment. I was considering a dancer or a model but if you are looking for someone to hire for something else please do feel free to contact me. Thank you.
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