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  1. Thank you Sedona, you are correct. However a store in SL who just started placing Gacha Machines out and every item is non transfer. When asked about it, they said it's their choice to make their items transfer or not. Just confusion, I assumed Gacha = trans friendly People will realize soon her items aren't trans friendly. Thank you so much.
  2. Thank you. I have been playing Gacha for a few years now, and just recently seeing gacha machines with no transfer items so I was confused
  3. Hi There, Do you know of any rules that say gacha items must be transfer friendly or is it up to each creator? I thought Gacha Machines meant you can, buy, sell, trade the items in the machine. I know it's a surprise, that's the fun. Then you can trade or re sell. However, I am seeing Gacha machines that have no transfer items. Just curious. **THANKS**
  4. I am having trouble finding a house that I like. I am looking for someone who can build a home. I live on a beach. Some Specs/Thoughts *55m x 75m *Lots of large windows * Modern Beach Look * 3 rooms separate by different levels verse walls and doors * 200 Prims Max. *Waterfalls, ponds, pool, Bridges etc..welcomed Please IM Coyote Montale in world to look at the land and submit you pricing.
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