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  1. Just turning off the eye animation in the genus head hud was all I did, and it fixed it instantly. This has worked for a few others who tried it too, so not just me! It would be nice if creators fixed things like this, I agree, but if you can find a fairly easy way around it, there's probably a lot more fun stuff to do with your SL time, other complaining about something you can pretty much fix yourself, and isn't THAT huge a deal.
  2. Can anyone reccomend a decent city scene surround/dome for a sky home? I have the Cedar House by Onsu, on a platform up in the clouds, and need something that will work well, around it. I have seen a few on the MP but none seem to have in-world demos, and reviews seem a bit sporadic, so not sure if I want to take a chance on buying them without at least a recommendation. I really like the one that comes with the Onsu downtown house, but I'd have to buy the house to get it, unlink it, etc. Thanks in advance.
  3. Ah yeah, I think it must be the Strawberry in the store name that made me think it was Strawberry's store. I just had that in my head for ages! I always thought it was a funny name for a store. Her things were really cool.
  4. Never really thought about this before, but I would've thought so with BoM. Is it the same for hands/wrists? I only usually wear one wrist tattoo, it will be interesting to see if I can wear a different one on the other wrist at the same time.
  5. Porsches on steroids - now that sounds pretty amazing. It's also really cool to chat with someone so passionate about cars. I love the description of driving a 911, it sounds sublime.
  6. That does sound like precision driving. My style is more fly across the sim and crash into a mountain. The Porsche 911 sounds like a dream.
  7. Oh I had it in my head that it was Strawberry. It must be the name! Far Eriksen does sound familiar though, now you mention it.
  8. Oh wow, I would have especially loved the Audi TT! VW Rabbit sounds cool too. Do you have any drifts?
  9. Ah no this was Lush, a clothing store, but I do actually remember Lusch! That sucks that you didn't get the VW Gulf. I never did get any of their cars, but I used to window shop a lot. 😁
  10. Thanks, will check it. Clearly I replied in totally the wrong place before. I did think, wow, what a lot of replies! 😆
  11. Edit: Oops, I've replied in the wrong thread, sorry everyone! 🙈 I'm not having much luck today! I still found the comments useful and is what my response would have been hypothetically speaking, if I had been replying in the right place, which I wasn't. So again, all apologies. Just checked back in and thank you all very much for your suggestions, I will definitely check out these and see which works best for my avi. 😊 For the person who said just detach the AO and stand there... I personally do prefer having an AO, as I feel like I look a bit rigid without one. Just my preference I
  12. Please does anyone know of a female AO that is really calm. Preferably with hardly any/very minimal movement in the stand animations. I have tried Tuty's and have one called English Girl too, I love them, but I need a calmer AO. Any ideas?
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