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  1. I bump into the same problem as you where hardly anyone is around when I show up. Not because I'm a European but because I work night shift. By the time I show up in SL it's normally past 4 or 5 AM SLT, and most people have gone to sleep or are at work it seems. And then I normally get tired and go to sleep around 6 to 8 AM SLT (depending on how tired I am after work). Sooo... yeah nobody around much anywhere when I'm around :matte-motes-bored:
  2. I happen to be an American English speaker in the process of learning Japanese. I know a little already, but have nobody to practice it with. Messaged you in-world about this. Perhaps we can help each other in our language endeavors. My nights off are Monday and Tuesday nights (USA Eastern time), so hoping we can set up a meeting time for one of those two nights (or perhaps both of those nights). Can IM me back and we'll see if hopefully we can set up some meeting times for language practice.
  3. Hey, I tried to find you in-world to message and ask if you wanted to play some Greedy or something since you said you like games but you don't show up in search yet. In-world click the magnifying glass (search) thing and do a search for "Xurias Arun" and click "IM" to message me, I'll be around for another 1 hour and 20 minutes or so and then I have to get ready for work. Maybe you'll catch me before then and we'll play some games in SL ^.^
  4. These things you seem to dislike (dancing, shopping, sexual activities, building, socializing in large groups) are actually the main activity most people come here to do. True, Second Life is what you make of it as it is among all things primarily a "sandbox." As such the imagination and various desires (including sexual desires) are poured into the world in such a way that it manifests where you can see and interact with it. If you want to "play with the other kids in the giant sandbox," you may need to bend a little and play the games they want to play. Another thing to do is to take a good look at the main reason the majority of others show up in the world, and take notice that since those reasons do not align up with your own an alternative world may be the answer. Please don't consider this to be advertising other things or telling you to "leave," but in these other worlds the reason the people are there is vastly different than the reason people in SL. And as such, you might find a mindset of people that lines up better for what you want. Let me give you a few examples of other online worlds: World of Warcraft: People don't show up in this world to dance, have sex, and go shopping for example. However instead there is a non-sexual activity they do together in small groups of 5 (fighting stuff together in dungeons), or stronger enemies it's "raidgroups" of 10 to 25 I believe (I haven't played in a long time so I don't know what the exact raid sizes are these days). Fighting in dungeons isn't the only thing that is done, and there's plenty of non-group things to do such as quests and crafting (Not the same as building. You gather stuff fromt he world and your avatar/character uses the stuff to build the stuff, you don't personally build things like in SL). The stuff built is generally potions, food, armor and weapons and whatnot. You can also join in with players to fight against other players (Also known ans PvP/Player Vs. Player). Also little mini-games/side games such as the pet battles. I suppose the only exception is RP (roleplay) servers where some people roleplay sexual activity privately in IM's, but this is somewhat discouraged (as it's possible to get banned for any sort of sexual activity in this world). Instead of groups people join "Guilds." Final Fantasy XIV: Similar to World of Warcraft, again there are no dance clubs or sex clubs. Slightly closer to SL in that you can have your own house possibly (generally done at higher levels). Much like WoW the people in this world do an activity together in the form of fighting big powerful enemies. The groups are slightly smaller, with the groups for dungeons being only 4 people, and I have yet to do any "raidgroups" in this world but I believe their raids are only 8 people instead of 10 to 25. You can also "get married" (be partnered) in this world, but this activity is not done to connotate any sort of sexual relation, but I suppose some do RP this out though using text/IM's (since there is no sex animations or nudity in FFXIV). Your character can use materials to build stuff like in WoW (food, armor, weapons, tools etc.), Mini-games here in the form of the gold-saucer mini-games and a card game you can play with others and vs. computer controlled. If you want something a little bit closer to being sandboxy like SL is there's also some minecraft-esque worlds like Trove, and someday Peria Chronicles (which is still in beta I think so I don't think you can play this one yet). I bring World of Warcraft and FFXIV up specifically because I go to these two worlds as well as SL, and when I'm in them I go there with a different mindset knowing that the world is there for a different reason. Long story short I show up in SL for the music, the "adult things" and the building, and show up in WoW and FFXIV for adventure, quests, and dungeons. You and me wouldn't get along well in SL for this reason, but possibly in the other two worlds we'd get alone fine since my reason for being in them is different. Same for most of the other people who show up in those worlds, you may have better luck there since their reason for being in them is different than the reason people are here in SL. I don't show up in WoW or FFXIV expecting adult things, and I don't show up in SL expecting quests, dungeon bosses, long epic storylines that span across multiple quests and the like. To be unhappy with people who show up in SL for sex, music and building is like getting mad at people who show up to a sports bar to drink beer and watch the game, as it's the main reason the sports bar is there to begin with. If these are not the reasons you are here another world where people show up for a different reason may be best. If fighting in dungeons is also not your thing, there is a plethora of other worlds out there that may better suit your purpose and you need only to look around for them. If you don't like an environment that promotes these things you don't like then change the environment/setting by using a different world. Otherwise your best bet for friendship/social interaction is to join in with the others with what they like to do a little bit.
  5. I found a fix for this. As I mentioned in the second post in this thread here https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Viewer/Linux-vs-SecondLife-viewer-4-0-0/td-p/2990300 you have to copy the webkit framework library files from an old version into the new 4.0.0 viewer in order for it to work without that error. The error comes from the viewer constantly trying to search for a webkit framework that is not there, nor is replaced by CEF. More detailed in structions can be found in my post in the above-linked thread (the first response to the original poster on that thread contains the instructions).
  6. I haven't tested it as extensively as I'd like to. So far though the following things that do make use of the webkit libraries have worked: in-world search Viewing profiles "Destinations" and "what's hot" at sign-in page "drop-down options" from in profiles I have yet to test out media on a prim or anything crazy like that. The main concern for me was getting rid of the error message for newer versions. As time goes on older versions of the Second Life viewer cannot log in once they get to be a certain amount old (I am not sure how far back, but I think up to the previous or 3 versions, after that they require you to update? Not 100% certain). Don't want to be locked out from using an older 3.8.x version. Sadly, even if it does do everything as normal for now the arrival of CEF means they will likely add features that only CEF can do (and webkit cannot) in the future, so even if webkit still does everything for now there is no guarantee that will be the case down the road. I wouldn't abandon all hope though for the future. They stated " Linden Lab will integrate open source community contributions to update the Linux platform support, and will build and distribute the resulting viewers" on the following blog post https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Tools-and-Technology/An-Update-on-Linux-Viewer-Development/ba-p/2932036 which tells me they probably will be taking contributions made by third party viewer developers in future versions (hopefully), which may include a Linux version of CEF for the viewer. The Linux version will just have to wait a while longer before it receives the CEF from third party work if this is the case.
  7. I figured out a way to get viewer 4.0.0 to run on Linux. The distribution I was using is Elementary OS Freya 64-bit (based on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS). If you look at the files for the old version of the Second Life viewer, and the new version you will find there are a number of webkit related files missing. Instead of telling the viewer to not attempt to look for these webkit files for the Linux version, they simply removed the Webkit framework files leaving the viewer to look for them. They could have just left them in though given that CEF doesn't support Linux. Here's the fix: Open up the folders/files of an older version of the viewer, such as the one you linked in this thread 1). Go to /Second_Life_3_8_7_307376_i686/bin/llplugin/ inside the folders/files for the old version. From that folder in the old version grab the following things and move them into the same directly for the new 4.0.0 SL: codecs imageformats libmedia_plugin_webkit.so 2). Inside the folders/files of old version go to /Second_Life_3_8_7_307376_i686/lib/ and look for a bunch of files that start with "libQT" these are all the webkit library files you are missing. Move them into the same directory within the new Second Life Viewer's files. The files I am referring to is a rather long list, but they include libQtgui.so, libQtNetwork.so, libQtNetwork.so.4 to name a few. Quite a few if them to move over. I don't recommend using "copy" and instead just move, so this way you will know when you see one that hasn't been moved over when scrolling through the old viewer version's files. Once these two things are done, you should no longer get the media missing error in version 4.0.0 Enjoy! =D
  8. Guys, I don't think he was asking anyone to rate his OS and hardware, nor was he saying he intends to play Fallout 4 on max settings or anything crazy like that using his Macintosh. To quote the original post "Anyone else having extremely degraded performance with the lastest SL viewer." This part of the post is implying that it ran fine on the same hardware (regardless of what hardware) before the 4.0.0 update, and after it went bad. davidventer, to answer your question yes I have an iMac with that exact same video card (Nvidia 650M) that was doing the exact same thing you are describing in your post, where it ran perfectly fine before the update. What fixed it for me was to reformat it so as to go back to Yosemite. I was reformatting it to go back to Yosemite to resolve an unrelated issue, but it did indeed resolve this issue. Not sure if it was going back to Yosemite from El Capitan that fixed it, or some sort of setting issue that reformatting by itself fixed. But regardless the issue is now gone for me and it works as it should for me at this point in time on my iMac. Hope this helps =)
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