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  1. They certainly should be upping their game, considering I just got charged $20 to cash out $225 from SL to Paypal. $10 from SL, and now Paypal jumping on the bandwagon and charging an increased $10 (since they and LL have been in bed for a very long time now). This i RIDICULOUS! We pay to buy the money, we pay to use the money, and we pay to cash out OUR OWN MONEY. 😡
  2. Innula.. again.. you amaze me lol... Thank you so much.. I look forward to testing this.. and learning from it. Greatly Appreciated!!
  3. Innula.. thank you very much.. you went above and beyond there, as always..
  4. The reason I want a notecard, is I want to have a list of names, that I can add to or remove from, in a notecard.
  5. Thank you! That helps a great deal The main issue I still have though, is the gathering of the data from the notecard.. I suppose I didn't communicate that properly.. I know the *BASICS* of gathering data.. but.. gathering multiple names (uuids) from a notecard for this use, not sure of the proper way to go about it..
  6. Ok.. so.. looking to make a hud.. that can tell me if a specific friend is on the same sim as me, I plan to use llGetAgentList - but not sure how to implement the specific avatars (would ideally like to do this via notecard.. which is my weakest link - data lists.. bleh) - Thoughts, ideas.. S.O.S. Help - Thanks!
  7. No, currently we do not, as we are pretty adult - Sorry!
  8. Ƈustodeȿ ɗe Ƥhoeniх Őur Ƥassion Ignites us, 尺apture Spawns The Inferno In Which Ŵe Ƥerish, Entwined Ŧrom Smoldering Coals We Are Formed Ąnd, From Our Ashes, We Rise Điscovered In The Aftermath, Our Memory, Őur Birth Scars; Third Degree Madness. Ĩdentical Imperfections. Ŧorever Br
  9. So, for some reason.. I didn't turn off "Notify me of replies"... sigh.. I apologize for being short with you.. but after being attacked by the others.. I was defensive.. if you truly want to get to know me, you have my name in the original post.. I don't care to continue a long conversation in an open forum about who I am, or what I am about, because I don't think everyone cares or needs to know.. so, feel free to message me if you are so inclined.. if not.. that's ok too.. but.. I am clicking that dang button now lol..
  10. It really doesn't matter at this point.. the entire reason for this post has been destroyed.. so.. congratulations to you. I won't be following this any longer.. so.. enjoy yourselves.. have at it.. tear it apart.. rip it to shreds.. have fun
  11. I read it, in it's entirety.. I have just been nothing but attacked in here, so, sorry if I don't get all rainbows and unicorns over your analyzing.. you don't like what I posted? By all means.. take your leave.. but, without bothering to know ME, or ask me about the things, instead of openly criticizing.. I don't have time for it.. it's undue drama at this point.. so.. don't like it.. stop being a sheeple, and quit being butthurt over everything.. kthxbye.
  12. You "inform your players" - seriously? Don't you mean.. "prey on newbs, forcing them into something they never wanted to be part of"? - and the others are sneaky creeps? Why, because what they do does NOTHING to the other person involved, costs them NOTHING (unlike bloodlines, I might add), and doesn't change their sl in any way, shape, or form? Maybe instead of hijack-trolling my topic, you can go find something else to do then? That would be great. Thanks. Might I also add, that, I was merely trying to post something to get like minded people involved with something, not t
  13. I'm not saying what it is, but, see.. you are uneducated.. no one gets "dragged into the game" unless they want to.. and "drain innocent residents" - that's laughable.. because it does NOTHING to you.. NOTHING.. it's purely system based.. and if you never join, you never even know... no harm is done, it doesn't take your "innocence" or lindens lol.. so, you are just another uneducated fool, making uneducated statements, about things you don't understand. Laughable.
  14. Not sure where you get the idea that progeny is "worse" than bloodlines, considering bloodlines is a money pit, and if you don't like Vampire RP, that's fine.. but, don't make uneducated statements, based purely on your opinion. (regardless of what system it is)
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