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  1. Unfortunately, this is not feasible for open-source scripts such as AVsitter, which I maintain. The aim of the check is to prevent abuse of the service by blocking IP addresses that do not belong to Linden Lab. Is there any other approach that could be used for this purpose? What's the difficulty in implementing a reverse DNS that resolves the proxy IPs to an address within lindenlab.com?
  2. I have PHP scripts that look up the host name with gethostbyaddr and verify that they resolve to .(agni|aditi).lindenlab.com; will these keep working?
  3. My preferred method is different to the one explained in the blog post. On state_entry, the rezzee sets up a listen for everything, in a preset channel. The object is taken to inventory with this listener active. The on_rez event does NOT reset the script (or there's no on_rez event whatsoever). In the object_rez event, the rezzer sends the data to the rezzee via the same preset channel that the rezzee is listening on. For security, the rezzee's listen event filters out the messages that don't come from the rezzer, by comparing (string)llGetObjectDetails(llGetKey(), (list)OBJ
  4. The latest release notes at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Server/14# claim to have fixed this issue. Can anyone confirm?
  5. Erik Verity wrote: Made that point here in this thread too, 2 pages back. Right, sorry that I missed it
  6. Someone's made an excellent point here: https://my.secondlife.com/auryn.beorn/posts/520d328ff40e20000200045b Ian Undercroft points to Section 2.2 which states: [...] Additional terms may apply to certain elements of the Service (“Additional Terms”); these terms are available where such separate elements are made available on the Websites. If there is any contradiction between any Additional Terms and these Terms of Service, then the Additional Terms shall take precedence only in relation to that particular element of the Service. For examples of such Additional Terms, please see Section 12
  7. Coby Foden wrote: http://lindenlab.com/tos Section 11.4 "You acknowledge that no other written, oral or electronic communications will serve to modify or supplement this Agreement." Yay! Now we can start dropping this to those who have their own TOS 'amendments' in their profiles. :matte-motes-evil: :smileytongue: That's there for a long time. I have a notice in my profile in that regard for a while. (I guess I'll have to change the section numbers though, I think it was 13.4 before)
  8. If you accept the TOS, you have to comply with all clauses of it where applicable (by applicable I mean e.g. that if you don't do machinima, the machinima clauses don't apply to you) in order to abide by it. If some service's TOS say: 1. You can drive on roads. 2. There are roads for you to drive on. 3. You can't drive except using the roads. 4. You can't drive. 5. There are roads explicitly for you to drive on. 6. You can use the roads to drive. 7. Consult the road guide for places you can use to drive. No matter how you look at it, if you drive, even if you only use the specified ro
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