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  1. Given a choice which is the better for use with my ISP for Second Life please? I know that static is what business people go for due to their wider usage of the internet features which an ordinary person like me would never want. I also know that dynamic is better security wise. So I'm left wondering as regards Second Life as I read static is better for gamers but I not know if Second Life is such a game as what gamers would use. Thanks, June
  2. Thank you that looks pretty comprehensive I have booked marked it for use next a quiet moment in SL. Think maybe I have read something like this to get the impression it was a Linden import AO, "the avatar will use basic default Linden-defined animations."
  3. Just had to upgrade from Phoenix to Firestorm and noted it has a built in AO with some actions in, I think this AO might be something that Firestorm as brought in from the Linden viewer. Up to a point the actions are similar to my add on AO in Phoenix so my question is are there any instructions on amending and adding actions to built in AO?
  4. Sy Beck wrote: Because it has only been rolled out to LeTigre sims so far and I guess you may not be on one of those sims or visited one yet. A friend says she been there and was ok. How do I get to Le Tigre sims please to see for myself?
  5. Well Grid Status says complete but my Phoenix is still working ok, how strange. :-)
  6. Second Life 3.6.1 Viewer is what Linden offer to download.
  7. Thank you both. Was just wondering if a change/update of Linden Viewer would be needed today if SSB is switched on as Firestorm people are trying to gain users for it to their viewer today.
  8. Does the Linden Official issued Viewer handle the SSB?
  9. As I have a SpaceNavigator I have to use a TPV as only they have the FLY/Cam indicator Linden dropped this feature when they brought out V2 and in spite of JIRAs they refused to incorporate it, will this new V3 have the Fly/Cam feature restored? Seems daft TPV are better than Linden viewers.
  10. By being "Payment Info.on file" you can only get to some of Adult classified areas, yes most but not all. You have to be "Age Verified" on the system to get to all. June
  11. When filling in the Age Verification form one is asked to pick an item and quote its number so that it can be checked to confirm it is me and adult. I do not understand some of these items maybe because I'm in the UK and not American. Ok I know my Passport number but they are not on public record so you can't check it. Also I'm informed it is illegel for me to quote it to you. Driving liecence too is not on public record. What can a UK person give that can be checked at Linden? June
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