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  1. Gadget Portal wrote: Here's an interesting thing to add to the conversation. A while back I contacted BMI (http://www.bmi.com/) about paying royalties as a Second Life DJ. I linked SL to 'em, told 'em what goes on, and I was told in the reply that the land owner where the music is being played is required to pay the royalties. To this day I wonder if the reply was incorrect. Are you being provocative or stupid? Broadcasters pay for rights, recipients listen/watch broadcast. Recipient=sim appropos SL. Think before you type.
  2. I'd like to recommend "Shallow" an exquisite shop catering for all that is unimportant in life, trivial and exists only to serve vanity and avarice and the pursuit of all that is young and now sadly out of reach. Their loyalty card offers a 50% bonus on flattery and self-esteem though they will debit your self-respect as a loved woman of experience and maturity monthly.
  3. HorsePuppy wrote: Hello I'll just get right to the point, I'm a lady who loves romantic dates, a guy I can talk to and trust but who sometimes takes the lead. I love to watch sunsets and walk on the beach, and definitely shop. I guess I'm your traditional type of girl, you can message me in ingame or on the forums. <333 Well since the dawn of time men have been looking for the perfect woman and if your gender can't be bothered to proffer up one then I see no reason why we should accede to your demands now either!
  4. HunnyMyDear wrote: When I'm on voice chat. It's green until I talk then it turns to red, could someone please tell me what the problem is? You have a potty mouth, find the filter section in your Windows audio and adjust to adult settings.
  5. OMG who carved away her inner thighs? Is this a nightclub or a macabre butchers?
  6. Awe Thor wrote: Suspiria Finucane wrote: Any word on a former forumite? Awe . . . is taking a leaf out of Suspiria's book Just the covers left then?
  7. Czari Zenovka wrote: herself into a hole
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