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  1. I have come accross some attachments in marketplace but they all need editing, how does one put clothing texture on them? and how to resize?

    And would like to know Is there bulge out there with appliers so painted clothes can be pulled over it like in Lola and other breasts.



  2. Went there last night it was empty, contacted an online ranger for info, he didnt bother replying,rezzed there again today just a few minutes back there were four people in there including you and the guy who didnt respond earlier, all just standing around like bots.

    You then TP'd out, I messaged the guy and few seconds later he TP'd out to without replying, my guess is either my profile pic or my foreign name or both were an issue, I could change those if you had talked and suggested it.

    Also found the "What are your goals for working as ranger" question in application odd.

  3. An itemt that was being sold by a creator both inworld and in marketplace was pulled from both for unkown reason, now i find out that it can be bought only through the creator and their sales rep. directlly, I'm thinking something is not right here, identical product is also avialable inworld and market by another creator but for a lot more, the one that was pulled was on sale for a bargain.

  4. I dont see anything wrong with people offering their serrvices, I would do too had I the skill and experience, would you not want to earn an extra income and share your talents tp help others, or would you do it for free?


    Creep I would call people who charge 5000 L per hour just to change a few doors on something I bought from their sim where they work not even own, and that too with a snooty attitude.

  5. I want to do more in SL which obviously means putting in RL money, but I am just not feeling comfortable with the idea, have others felt this way too? what made you overcome this? did putting money in here benefit you eventually, did you earn it back? profit in whatever it is that you did or are doing? 

    I also want to hear from those who are against this and their experiences.


  6. It went this way:

    Click view profil

    Arrow at end indicating another list or menu

    Click arrow small list opened with five names

    Clicked on each, all had the exact same profile under each different name.

    Double checked to confirm what I saw

    Wanted to take screen shot and post here as the person was online at the time when I started this thread but tthought it would be against rules.

  7. Well like i said the profile for one person had this second menu listing all the five names, all of whom had the exact same information in each separate profile. And I was not snooping, just looking at profiles yes sometimes i do cam people, I like to see nice homes might come accross ideas to apply elsewhere.

  8. Jusr came accross someone randomly while looking at profiles, and this single chevrom on mini map clicked it for profile, it had an arrow indication another menu, clicked that and list shows five different names all online under the one chevrom in a skybox and all having the same info, howcome?

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