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  1. Is it allowed to have a nude pic not showing genitals, I would like to add one instead of the usual face and other front poses, just want to make sure it wont cause problems, the picture is of the avatar from behind from top to calves length, with nice shadow and highlight, it dosent look vulgur.


    Will it get attitude from others, will sales reps, employers, clients, instructors etc. treat me in a different way or avoid, reject me even if I am straight, though I consider myself bi-curious, what is your opinion?


    Are the women allowed to show boobs in profile photo?

  2. Everytime I buy things from there, much later I come across better and maybe even cheaper stuff, that I could not find while searching or typing in the relevant term, other times I find interesting things while placing an order or looking up something else, again these things dont show up many times when one searches for them, I feel badd for the creators and their excellent work hiding in there while someone selling worse things might benefit, is there a better way to sort out marketplace?

    One example I came accroos an excellently built mesh house fully furnished costing under 100L while searching for fish tanks. the house did not contain a tank or aquarium but it has the words sea in its title which probably got it out of the cave. I am also not sure at what page it might have turned up when looking for it under house or home because this term also turns up house accessories by the hundreds be it serached in the  price range ctaegory 11-100 L.
    What if its listed on page 1055 while i am looking in page 20 and already had my fill of it.


    By the way Is everyone selling in there doing well? many of the things dont have reviews so one has to wonder.

  3. Am really keen on redoing stuff I have bought, starting off with turning tinted windows on my driveable house boat to clear, and making the inside of the control room alpha, so I have uniterrupted views when cruising, any links that can be helpul, building instructors who help out on voluntary basis for free would be wonderful help, maybe teach a small group of us. I know of builders brewery but am not sure if they do this i.e the small group thing away from class..

  4. Fixed it thanks to another person who replied to my post in tech forum, the graphics had gone low somehow, now I have put it on ultra, but my alt account is still getting low graphics why is this, shouldnt it readjust automatically to ultra? since it went low when my account went low.

    I have the latest SL viewer too and everything on that was normal during this messup on firestorm, as a matter of fact I am finding it better than FS viewer.

  5. I am using the latest version, all was OK till yesterday but now its got a foggy hue, the sea and sand textures have changed, where there are shadows they are appearing white instead of black, there is a grey mist on the water with a slight pink tinge to it.

    Yesterday while sailing I tried to get my sail to change shape and used the page up, down keys alot but nothing happened, so I logged off when I got in again, these new changes started to appear, could that have caused this.


    Stuff is also rezzing slower and everything is grey for quite a while before colours etc. start kicking in, avatar too seemes to have a more smoother motion even without animation on.

  6. Since today firestorm latest viewer that i am using is showing the wster colour and texture totally different on surface, its got kind of a foggy grey hue and a pink tinge if you look further away, other than that the avatar movement is now more fluid even with animation AO turned off, what is cauding these changes? noted that shadows at a beach sim were appearing white instead of the usual black or dark grey. These things are not happening on SL latest viewer where evrything is as it was.

    A glimpse, its happening in all sims, if one turns the camera at some angle the water turns totally grey and its also lost its transparency on surface level so the avatar'parts under water cannot be viewed from surface level.


    Water texture up c;ose.



  7. I got a new complete avatar but just about everything in it has a shape icon, so nothing comes on, it can wear its own hair which for some odd reason is undetachble but can be got rid of by decreasing volume in appearence, and it can wear other hair and other clothes but none of its own appear nor do they get the bold text in inventory when worn.

    The only things that come on and their text gets bold is the skin, shape, eyes and hair all their own icons, besides that it has trousers, jacket,  shoes all of which have a shape icon and dont appear when worn nor does their text get bold, theres a;so underwear and socks with their own icons or maybe shape icon, but dont come on nor the text gets bold.

  8. Sorry you got conned, incredibaly there are avatars costinting 10,000 and over, I though 5000 was the highest it went. I tend to trust MP even though I dont spend the amount you did there, but will be careful now, thanks for letting us know, and ignore the smartie comments, there were some that came across as such.

  9. Its expensive for me considering I have not invested a dime in SL and bought it by a couple of peoples genorisity when I was new, that helped me play sploder and win "big' and become somewhat rich, again for someone who hasnt put in a dime here thats an amazing thing more so being a noob, Haha.

  10. When you place your cursor at a point you want your avi to be and double click it, the avatar will walk to that point on its own, no keys or mouse required, pretty cool but only happens on SL viewer 3, tried on Firestorm and nothing happened, so is this a part of the viewer or some problem in it?

  11. Has this happened with any of you, not as a joke but seriously, i suspect that a platonic good friend of mine did that to me for two months, i dont think it was her intent, she was probally looking for others but since me and her alt got talking we kind of hit it off and had a relationship of sorts, at no point did I suspect as their talking styles were totally different, but some thigs she and her alt told me that got me thinking and my exchange with her yesterday seemed like I was talking to her alt, its like she momentaily forgot its her main account I'm chatting with, the exchange was us=nusally short considering she came online after a few days and left suddenly witout saying bye, normally shes very cheerful her alt is the opposite so this was her alt behaviour, maybe she tealised her blooper and logged off suddenly.

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