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  1. Male avatars need a bulge with appliers, that will pull clothing textures onto it, like some boob and ass makers have

    Space restricted boat cabins which cant have a bedroom only have couches, they need a couch that converts into a bed with a click slideable, pop out or foldable or a scrppt that will swap the ouch with a matching bed and remove whater else is in the way like a table or other decor thats taking up space the bed needs when it pops up, I have seen one boat with a bed in it despite the space limitation and thats an excellent idea by the creator, but the bed cannot be converted into a couch when not in use.

  2. Sploders are quite active in some sims, but dont take the winnings for granted, after several good wins over the year, for past many months I have only been geting 6 L yes six Linden on average, its really strange because I did honestly manage to get upto 100 L or more almost on a regular basis.

  3. I own a couple of very large drivable boats fully furnished, one is a crusie ship with seven suites, a club and a cinema and it drives with all that, the other is possibly the largest yacht in SL not the sialing type it has alot of stuff too, there are hardly ever problems driving them.

    Yes its not very exciting but its also not boring, I take them to areas that can accomodate them and are surrounded by Islands and homes, rather than just do blake sea, all that stuff on a  large moving vehicle at times bigger than the lands you pass by is interesting, I have a steamboat that looks like a house again fully furnished that can carry around 40 avatars when moving, never tried it though.

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