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  1. I used the following and it works for me: cd ~/.local/share/applications/ cat firestorm-viewer.desktop [Desktop Entry] Name=Firestorm Viewer Comment=Client for accessing 3D virtual words Exec=/opt/firestorm64-install/etc/handle_secondlifeprotocol.sh %u Icon=/opt/firestorm64-install/etc/../firestorm_icon.png Terminal=false Type=Application Categories=Application;Internet;Network; StartupNotify=true X-Desktop-File-Install-Version=3.0 StartupWMClass=do-not-directly-run-firestorm-bin MimeType=x-scheme-handler/secondlife; cat mimeapps.list x-scheme-handler/secondlife=firestorm-viewer.desktop AND RUN: xdg-desktop-menu install firestorm-viewer.desktop otherwise, nothing will work. You can always test your setup with a FS open, and run: xdg-open secondlife://someplace/1/1/1
  2. Hi all, Dakota's post is most helpful here. The first couple of posts are confusing to me. As a new merchant, I sometimes receive refund requests, and I want be nice and helpful to customers but at the same time, do not want to bare the costs as every transactions affecting the bottomline. I don't want to speak for LL here, but AFAIK, in RL, credit card companies do help merchants with refunds and not charging a transaction fee, because they want to encourge good customer services, and therefore more transactions in the future. Afterall, a good percentage is charged for every transaction the goes through, and therefore, enough to cover processing costs, fraud, insurance and other exceptions. I am not sure there is full automation for credit card companies in RL, so I think LL support case handling is appropriate, although some automation will be helpful to everyone include LL. Just my 2cents
  3. Unscheduled Maintenance Posted by Status Desk on May 20th, 2014 at 07:55 am PDT [Posted 7:57 AM PDT, 20 May 2014] We are currently undergoing unscheduled maintenance on some of our primary systems. During this maintenance, various functions, including logins, may be unavailable. Please refrain from rezzing no-copy objects and making L$ transactions until the all clear is given. - - - - - - So far, I find LL poor service level is consistent across everything that they do. It seems that they are thinking or operating like volunteers offering best effort only, but not professional IT standards. In this case here, like many have pointed out already, they should have put up "big sign" on the viewer, letting people know that they are down, and nothing is wrong with people's Internet connection as the error message suggested, and provide hourly update on when the service will be resumed. This will save everyone's time including their own. I expect no less than above, plus perhaps a more apologetic tone. LL is a very profitable company, they should be able to manage this much more effectively like everyone in the industry.
  4. I get it to work with Firestorm on 64bit Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon. I think the same principles apply to other viewers and version of Linux using GNOME/xdg-open. Here are the steps: 1.Verify your protocol registration Firestorm script should have done this for you when you run firestorm script which in turn launch etc/register_secondlifeprotocol.sh to set things up. Can check by: $ gconftool-2 -R /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/secondlife command = /opt/fs-latest/etc/handle_secondlifeprotocol.sh "%s" enabled = true Make sure the path for the command is correct. 2. With Firestorm is running, run: etc/handle_secondlifeprotocol.sh secondlife://someplace/1/1/1 The "Place Profile" popup should appear every time you run the script with different slurl 3. Under ~/.local/share/applications: cat mimeapps.list [Default Applications] x-scheme-handler/http=google-chrome.desktop x-scheme-handler/https=google-chrome.desktop x-scheme-handler/mailto=thunderbird.desktop x-scheme-handler/secondlife=firestorm-viewer.desktop text/calendar=gedit.desktop audio/x-vorbis+ogg=totem.desktop video/x-ogm+ogg=totem.desktop image/jpeg=eog.desktop text/html=google-chrome.desktop x-scheme-handler/about=google-chrome.desktop x-scheme-handler/unknown=google-chrome.desktop [Added Associations] Make sure you have the entry added in bold above. With this added, Chrome browser should launch Firestorm every time you click an SLURL. Two problems, we only want this to launch once, and we want the SLURL to be passed to protocol handler. 4. Under ~/.local/share/applications: $ cat firestorm-viewer.desktop [Desktop Entry] Name=Firestorm Viewer Comment=Client for accessing 3D virtual words Exec=/opt/fs-latest/etc/handle_secondlifeprotocol.sh %u Icon=/opt/fs-latest/etc/../firestorm_icon.png Terminal=false Type=Application Categories=Application;Internet;Network; StartupNotify=true X-Desktop-File-Install-Version=3.0 StartupWMClass=do-not-directly-run-firestorm-bin Replace the command with protocol handler. 5. I am unsure if other scripts will overwritten the above setup … but it works under Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon . I know Linux Mint 15 KDE just works without this horrible hack!! If you know of a better way to do this, please post.
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