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  1. New to this and a friend suggested an owner may not be able to terra form on his or her land.
  2. I want to buy a parcel and have my 512 credit. Can I simply abandon my Linden home (Wizard's Retreat) and it will automatically give me the land tier credit?" thanks! G
  3. Is this property still available? Can I build a beach there? thanks, Gresham Seven
  4. We are friends and premium members. Can we buy a larger parcel and divide it using our Linden land allotment? Right now we each have a Linden home and rent a place for both. GreshamSeven
  5. Just need to know how to proceed if I want to buy land at the auction. I place a bid and it says it is only for premium members. I have two premium accounts. thanks, GreshamSeven
  6. I am interested in the land. thanks, GreshamSeven
  7. I know this is simple....but how do I wear a group tag. ty
  8. Is this still for sale? thanks, Gresham Seven
  9. The teleport went to a place that said, "not for sale". What are the details of this lot? thanks, Gresham Seven
  10. I am interested in this property but new to sl. Is this a one time payment? I am a prem member so will probably on raise me one tier. I have a Tiki House of around 300 prim I want to place here. Is that possible? thanks, Gresham Seven
  11. Just curious about the land. I am fairly new at sl but would like to put a tiki house there. is 6999 lindens a one time price? Then I would pay a land usage fee. I am premium member. Can I just put my tiki house on the land after buying? Is the price fixed? Firm? GreshamSeven
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