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  1. Hello.... this parcel is connected to someone elses house and land, are you planning to section it off to a 4096 parcel?
  2. How are you renting this again? LL reclaimed this land and said you didnt contribute enough tier after I paid you fan extra 8 weeks rent, for a total of 12 weeks paid. Thank you however for the partial refund of 7 weeks.
  3. Hi again, Maybe Im not being clear, because it doesnt seem that you are actually reading what I wrote. If its my wording , then I apologize Like I also stated in my original message, yes this all started with an update for win 10, but I did a clean install back to win 8.1, and everything was restored back to where it was a working version previously. To say "everything worked until I smashed it with a hammer" doesnt apply here. All drivers are win 10 versions, I am not using any win 10 beta drivers. There obviously are no error messages on crash. As far as open gl versions, I have no clue. Seeing as AMD are not really OGL compatible, they are mainly direct X. My specific Cards are AMD Radeon HD 6570 w/ 2g ram on each. The crash issue is the same regardless if crossfire is on or not. I do not overclock or use overdrive. I was thinking that maybe someone else may have experienced this problem or knew of this same problem, and had an idea what might be wrong. If not, then no worries I am checking all avenues
  4. Thank you for responding Freya. Can you be more specific, for example, what kind of useful information is needed? As far as your first paragraph, I mentioned that it was previously working, and that I had tried turning off the open gl (OGL), to see if that would help, obviously because it is a known problem with amd cards, and I have duel amd radeon cards, which is also mentioned. I also mentioned that I updated with the current drivers. They are the same drivers I used previously, as there have been no updates to these cards in less than a week ago. It certainly could be that my system is out dated, it is about 3 years old now, however, that does not explain this problem which just happened this past week after a windows update. The problem is a bit of a head scratcher for me. I feel like Im missing something obvious.....I kinda feel like Im looking for my glasses and they are on top of my head lol But Thank you so much for your imput
  5. Seemed to start after a Win 10 instalation of updates, however, after going back to win 8.1 with a clean install, (complete format of all partitions and reinstall of all drivers), the problem persists. I have also tried several different viewers, turning off open gl, basic shaders ect.. I know there have been issues with mesh viewing with my cards, I have duel amd radeon video cards, but none of the fixes released fix the problem either. I considered a problem with the video cards, but they work everywhere else, other games, video, netflix ect. Im not sure if this relates, but at the same time, my wireless adapter is also sketchy, again, only when I try to log on SL with the viewers I have tried so far. If anyone out there see's something I have missed or has any suggestions, I would completely appriciate it. Ah! I forgot to mention the most important part, the crashing, crashes the entire computer, not just the viewer. AND, while it seems to crash after a certain amount of time, editing and camming are the trigger! Saly the two things I need the most right now hahaha Well, thank you for reading this, I am open to all ideas :)
  6. Hello, I was wondering , I found a parcel co op #4, that has rental boxes on it, but it says in the shop that it is taken? Also wondering if you have any others available with this same deal. Thank you
  7. Hiya, I was just about to rent your place and someone else got it. Do you have any more like this?
  8. Going for a quick sale I have 6144 sqm with 1406 prims on beautiful island maind surrounded by water. Al offers considered. Heres the link... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Monet/161/181/21 If yu have any questions, please ask Persifiny Pevensey, here or inworld :)
  9. Hiya....the price you have listed for your 3rd parcel here is not correct I just noticed after I was just there yesterday and you said it would be 2600 for that one and the second one listed here to be combined. Even with the price you have it up for on the parcel, it still doesnt add up to 2600 lol. Oh well You might want to fix the price here though Have a great day
  10. Hiyas! This flat grass parcel located on protected linden road is 1552 m and comes with 355 prims. Ideal for home or shop, it is only 350 L per week. There is a little shop currently there available to use for free if you wish. Please contact Persifiny Pevensey with any questions :) Heres a link to the parcel... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lill%20Burn%20Valley/68/15/68
  11. For Rent 2368 sqm with 540 prims on Linden road, only 500L weekly. Beautiful snowy parcel, great for winter getaway or to have a shop. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kendall/186/96/121 Please contact Persifiny Pevensey with any questions :)
  12. This land has now been divded into 12 1024 sqm parcels, and being sold for 900L each. If they do not sell very soon, I will have to abandon them. Abandon land costs $1L per sqm, so grab them at this discounted price now!
  13. I have 12 parcels available here.... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kendall/34/192/121 They each come with 234 prims and they are only 900L each!! Thats less than abandoned land costs! If you need a small 512 parcel, I can cut one for you, and the price would be only 450! Leave me a message here or contact in world :) Persifiny Pevensey
  14. I just have this big one, but I can cut you a 512 parcel, it sounds like people are looking for the smaller parcels anyways Let me know, I check this quite often. Persifiny
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