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  1. Finally an answer to the very same problem I have for weeks now. Thank you, Whirly and Alyona! I don't want to use another viewer (I us SL viewer). Sooo I keep IM-ing groups etc for things I really want to receive. I really would like LL to get into this and solve it. It is an essential thing I would say. For example: today I missed a prize I won, so had to message the owner.
  2. I will test this. Currently debugging with trace route. When that is completed, I will come back to you. Thx so far!
  3. Hello Nalates, Below you find the tracing route output. It speaks for itself, but no conclusions for us. Maybe you can help. Thx so far!
  4. Thank you, Animats for your help. I lowered LOD factor to 2, I lowered bandwith to 1500 (as more people recommend). I am also going to try what happens if I don't have my web browser open when having SL on. I haven't tried Firestorm yet, cause SL viewer always was fine for me (SL member since 2008). Only the flying thing is what is going on for couple of months now. I also did a ping test with my Windows to the IP adress of 2 different sims I was. (Found those in Help, About etc). Result: an average of 165 ms. I tried flying on those 2 different sims and yes, also got stuck again, w
  5. Thank you for thinking with me, Whirly. No I don't have a spacenavigator connected.
  6. Thank you, Nalates! And Yay, a Linden is kinda going to live near me 😛
  7. Hi Alwin, Thank you for your answer. Here are my settings: Second Life Release (64bit) Release Notes You are at 101.2, 142.4, 2,800.7 in SH 7 located at sim10682.agni.lindenlab.com ( SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SH 7/101/142/2801 (global coordinates 293,989.0, 270,222.0, 2,800.7) Second Life Server Release Notes CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7300HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz (2496 MHz) Memory: 8072 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (Build 17134.885) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
  8. Thank you, Rolig for your answer. I'll get into all of this. I already tried rebooting my router, but the problem stays. Cables and connectors are all fine, so last thing to try is ask my ISP. If that doesn't help, just like in RL I cannot fly in SL 😄 Oh and I live in Europe indeed (the Netherlands). I am not going to move to the USA. Maybe a Linden can come and live in the Netherlands hahahaaa 🙂
  9. Thank you, Lindal. For Group's notices I know this. For the stores etc. where I am not a member but subscribed, I cannot open and save their messages anymore. I can read their message in local chat and I guess I'll just have to do with that. Thx again!
  10. For months now I cannot fly anymore without getting stuck. Or the av keeps flying up up up, or I cannot use the camera controls, menu's etcetera any longer. I have to relog then. As long as I don't fly, all is fine. Settings at home (router/modem/connection) are all fine. What to do? Thank you. Zia Branner
  11. Hi there, After you log in you get to read the messages/notecards that were sent to you while you were offline. Until a few weeks ago when I clicked on such a message/notecard it would open on screen and I could save them. Now when I click them they simply disappear and do not get saved in Inventory. After the latest update I hoped this would be fixed, but it is not. How can I repair this? Zia Branner
  12. Hello dear fellow SL members, Regular I have this: when my avatar flies up, she gets stuck and keeps flying up. At the same time camera controls and top screen menu (like Advanced, Develop etc) are unable to use. Only thing I can do is relog. But, as you can guess, as soon as I try to fly I get stuck again. I tried /99 stop but that doesn't work. How do I solve this problem? Thank you in advance for your answer/help 🙂 Zia Branner
  13. Hi Alwin, Thank you for your quick answer. All clear to me now. Zia Branner
  14. Hi, I have a basic account. I want to open a store on MP. Then I read I need a VAT number to do this because I live in Europe. I don't have a VAT registration number. In the Netherlands you only get a VAT number when you have a RL store or business. Does that mean I cannot open a store on MP in SL? I will not use US dollars but Linden dollars for the things I sell on MP. I would like to have an answer and/or help on this please. Thank you. Zia Branner
  15. The same for me. I cannot log in. Uninstalled and reinstalled, but still logging in is not possible.
  16. Hi, For a long time now my avatar gets stuck every time I used 'flying' mode. I bought a new AO, but the same issue happens. Sometimes my avatar stays jumping and at all times after using 'flying' I cannot use camera controls anymore and neither the menu tabs on top of the screen. Only thing that helps, is relog. It is irritating that I actually cannot use flying cause after that it is 'game over' and I have to relog. I uninstalled and reinstalled SL often enough, but this getting stuck issue happens over and over and with every AO. How can I solve this problem? Thank you for your answer in ad
  17. Strange thing: in older friends profile I can set Permissons to 'they can see me or they cannot see me online'. In the profile of new friends the permissions button (in the gear tool) is missing. F.il. when I don't want anyone of my friends to know that I am online, only for the older friends I can set that right with a permissions icon. Not for my new friends. Where did the permissons icon go? thanks for answering. Zia Branner
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