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  1. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zodiac/88/184
  2. Thank you so much for your advice. I have downloaded firestorm. Will take me a bit to get use to it but i will stick to it. Better then loosing the stuff i have won when offline.
  3. LL viewer. I mean i am speechless why doesn't LL fix the bug then? Do they know of this bug and just not doing anything about it?
  4. When i log on to SL i have inventory item offers i accept but they do not appear in my inventory. I've done everything i can think of even contacted LL and well that got me no where. So maybe some of you who have been on SL for much longer can tell me what is going on. Same thing with group notices sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't when you click on the notice if it has something to give you it won't. So you have to manually go into the group and get the notice/object offered. Any ideas why this is happening? I have done all steps that are mentioned on the wiki and any other place
  5. What am i doing wrong here? Slink body for BOM. toenails and finger nails showing from system skin like this.
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