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  1. There may be a few ways to get this working, but its hard to say with out seeing what's actually going on. First, Back up your tangos immediately. Make sure you have a copy of them in their current state seperate from the one you are about to edit. Second, Edit the copy. Second Life comes with a handy dandy feature in the build menu called, "Undo." You can use this feature by using ctrl + Z (or apple + Z if you're on a mac) to move any prims you may have moved back into their original state. (You may have to do this a few times depending on how much you move the prim to tweak it. Becareful though, Undo only goes so far.) Third, If you start tearing apart the Tango breasts piece by piece you'll see that there are actually many layers to it. Using the "Select Face" and "Edit Linked" features in the build menu at the same time you can pull the breasts and their corrosponding pieces apart by moving them out of the way, off to the side, ect. If I can remember right, there's a tank top layer, a bikini layer, a nipple layer, and the actual breasts themselves. Please keep in mind that these are the only layers you're going to have for them. Fourth, You can (without using the hud or scripts supplied) get these textures to show up by going into textures (in the build menu tabs) and changing the transparency to 0% instead of 100. With this you may be able to layer the pieces that you want appropriately. The Problem: Second Life Alpha Textures glitch like mad on mesh. Currently there is no fix for this. So the corset that you're wearing that might show your nipples might only show half of them because the alphas glitch. Unfortunately, this is about all the help I can offer. x.x I hope it wasn't too confusing!!
  2. Wings: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Illusions-Angel-Wings-10-Colors-Included/1395913 These are honestly one of the best quality pairs of wings I've found in SL. I use them for a pegasus hybrid-avatar, but I haven't really looked any deeper than that. Just my recomendation. As for blades, you may need to be a bit more specific. What kind of blade? Sword? Dagger? Kitana? Scimitar? Ect... I might be able to help more with a wee bit more input. ^^
  3. I wasn't going to post, but I had to say your snippet about Norman Reedus made me giggle. http://25.media.tumblr.com/9074d9a71c2fe810440d78cf2058d336/tumblr_mi91xiFYny1s3henjo1_500.gif
  4. As a neko, I tend to use a lot of stuff like this now days. If you peek at their shop they have some neat teeth options. :3 Hope it helps! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SHINE-Prim-Teeth-VampireNormal/4090827
  5. Supporting this thread 100%~ Keep turning those frowns upside down. :3
  6. I hear you, and I agree. It would be nice to see a more neapolitan assortment of ethnicity in the starter avatars, I admit. However, the current starter avatars were actually created by in world Residents. I'm not sure if LL bought the rights for them, or if the content creators volunteered, but Linden Labs actually played no part in their creation. The bigger beef here, may actually be that there isn't a whole lot of ethnic content creators out there ready and willing to let Linden Labs use their hard work and effort for free starter avatars. The beautiful thing about Second Life, however, is customization. You can look any way you wish to look with the right amount of searching and money. That is unless you're freebie shopping. If you are, I would recommend utilizing the Marketplace to look up free (or expensive) ethnic skins and shapes that may suit your preference. Hopefully, in the up comming future of Second Life, this will change though.
  7. I don't know. From a business standpoint I can see where Linden Labs is coming from. But I also agree with the person who posted this. When I saw ads on the Marketplace I was instantly annoyed. It does look like a cheap freebie site. Here's my two cents. Ads are cool, they're okay, I'm fine with them. If LL wants to use ads on the Marketplace, then I'm all for it. But right now? It looks tacky as sin. Its another half effort on their behalf. If you're going to run ads at least integrate them into the page. Help them to blend in a little instead of riding the top and right side header of the page. Right now it just looks so out of place and aweful. However, I do think its a cool feature that they opened up. Because with it, if merchants want to post ads that way, they can. Think of the resources it opened up for bloggers and store owners a like? I'd just like to see it done a little bit better...
  8. Thank you so much for featuring me!! I'm so honored! <3 :catsurprised: :heart:
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