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  1. It appears that even with the ASCII characters, the changes made are still being saved, regardless of the error message. So... it's annoying, and not ideal, but at least it seems to still work behind the scenes.
  2. Hi! I am a new merchant, with three products up so far on MP. When I do a search on my store name, it shows up but without any thumbnail images next to it, which gives an impression of an empty store. Is there a setting somewhere to make those thumbnails show up? Thanks! Jazaar
  3. That was a good thought, LittleMe, thank you! The notecard for the Autohide from Maitreya didn't address the question specifically but it gave me a clue to try and it worked! The trick was to add the script to the new clothing items root prim then touch the root prim to get it to save the alpha settings. Once that was finalized and I took the clothing back into my inventory and wore it and took it off, it all works as it should.
  4. Making the clothing item mod had no change on the behavior, it behaves just I described in my original post. And the examples where it is working, from other vendors, the items are not mod. So it must be something else. 😊
  5. Hi When using the Maitreya Autohide script with my own outfits, to hide and restore my body alpha settings, I generally just include the script in a little prim that I save with my Outfit. Works like a charm, turning off the appropriate alphas when I wear the Outfit and turning them back on when I change outfits or detach it. However I am now selling clothing on Marketplace, and finding a little hurdle. Having a separate little prim I attach for my own outfits is fine but not what I want for a sellable product, I don't want people having to attach a separate item for the alphas. Initially, I just linked my little prim with the saved alpha script into my clothing build. This works when attaching the clothing item, turning off the correct body alphas. But it doesn't work when detaching the clothing item - the body alphas are not restoring, and I have to go to the Maitreya HUD and restore them manually. Something about that prim being linked seems to cause it to work for attaching but not detaching. In looking at what other vendors have done, where they are successfully applying body alphas and then restoring them upon clothing detach, I see that they have the Maitreya Autohide script in the root prim attached to the right hand. I tried that on my build, but then the Autohide script isn't working at all - it doesn't turn off the body alphas. So... clearly I am missing a little something here. Any suggestions would be most appreciated! Thank you! Jaazaar
  6. Solved it! It was of course something stupid on my part. It *was* the Firestorm AO. At some point in the past, I had loaded that with the stands anims from my HUD, and had totally forgotten that I had done that. The AO button was not active on my toolbar, so I assumed it was off. Between that and forgetting I had modified it, I was looking at everything *except* that, lol. I had been cycling through some outfits and I think a particular RLV item triggered the Firestorm AO button 'on' even though it was not showing on my toolbar. Once I dragged it to my toolbar I saw it was checked 'on' and I remembered what I had done before with modifying it. As soon as I unchecked it, the zombie anims stopped. I have now removed all those anims from the AO button, and unchecked it again, and all is good. Thank you all for your help! Very much appreciated!
  7. I know, me too! I have tried two different mesh bodies, my sl body, a tree avatar... Each of those loading from previously saved Outfits. I tried resetting myself as the default sl female avatar (uggggly!) and even it was still moving to these same anims. It's downright spooky! I also have an alt, and I logged in with that to see if it was somehow my viewer, but the alt was fine, she behaved normally.
  8. I just went and detached all of the active gestures, but alas, didn't stop the anims.
  9. No, I've tried logging into several different regions, and this rogue anims manage to still be running on me regardless of the sim...
  10. Thank you, Rolig! Lots of good info there. It all tracks with my experience with this problem so far, except for this part: "...survive script reset, script removal, attachment removal, crossing into another region and teleporting, but not relog." My issue *is* persisting after relog, any time that I log back in even with my avatar still stripped to the bone and no attachments of any sort, the anims are still running and cycling. Since there is no HUD showing for these, I can't reset it. If I add the HUD back on, it adds another set of the same anims (hence the ones showing up in the Explorer panel with the actual HUD name), but using *that* HUD's menu and reset or anything else still isn't touching these zombie versions of those anims that won't let go. I will try contacting the ao creator but since I can't actually 'see' anything other than the list in the Explorer window (and the fact that I am moving with these recognizable anims), I suspect they match scratch their heads too. But I will give that a shot. Thanks for your help!
  11. I have a recurring problem with getting a specific AO HUD to stop animating me. This is Tuty's Adored Girl AO. The problem has happened several times in the past, lasts for several days to a week, then has stopped itself without me ever being able to figure out how to resolve it myself. It started happening again this morning so I thought I would see if anyone has ideas. So far I have tried all of the following, with no result: 1) Stopped and detaching the HUD (obviously). 2) Stopping animations, both under Avatar Health and in the Animation Explorer 2) Clearing my cache 3) Relogging (many times) as well as going to different sims 4) Removing everything from my avatar except the Firestorm Bridge 5) Wearing different AO HUD's from other vendors 6) Wearing different bodies (including a tree) None of these have had any effect, the animations keep cycling. When I display the animation list over my head, even with nothing attached to me, it continues to show the names of the anims (stand 01, stand 02, etc.) as if the HUD were still attached and running. The only clue I have is the Animation Explorer, screen shot attached. When the 'real' HUD is attached and running, it shows the actual name of the HUD (Tuty's Adored Girl). When I stop and detach the HUD, the animations continue, but just showing my name, Jazaar Resident. Pressing Stop in Animation Explorer does nothing. When I press Stop and Revoke permissions, the current animation stops for about three seconds and then starts up again.That is the *only* thing that has had any effect at all; all the other steps above never stopped them at all. Any assistance gratefully accepted (and yes, I will stop using this HUD once I can stop moving!)
  12. It seems to flip randomly from displaying things in the order I added them, to another sort order that is kind of based on the vendor, although not entirely. I don't see any optons on the page to adjust the sorting. I'd like to keep it in the order I entered them, but can't seem to find a way to make it do that consistenly.
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