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  1. I would like to describe it as "builder-chic": Half made meshes, non textured pre-samples, glamorous bald, because hair gets in the way when testing clothing, oh and random alpha layers.
  2. Its not exactly an issue with the rigging but an issue with the uploading of the mesh. This puffy eyes thing only appears when the mesh is uploaded with the include joints checked. Unless its for a tiny avatar this shoudnt be checked and only include weights should be checked.
  3. I dont think giving away psd with the texture for you to modify them is a posibility at all. This is due to several things. One is that at least with mesh, most people use templates and their part of the work is making these textures for that specific template. Most times these templates has TOS regarding of the use of the them and this often include the use of the texture base offered in them. Some other time this is not the case but, since its the retail merchant part of the work to make these textures, then why would they give it away full perm as a psd for every costumer thay buy a
  4. Not to say, that its a model the OP designed and wanted in particular. Not just any model. Is not like the person had it premade. She want it custom to her. Seriously if you want a specific model be made for you, then you need to realize its going to take time and time needs to be paid. And it doesnt matter if its just pixels. Can be pixels can be whatever. Can be done by a hobby st or by a pro. On the back is a person work time. You say 100U$S is half your paycheck or half your rent?, then you should understand that pay 4U$S for a day work is really not good. So, dont get offended whe
  5. I think that if you buy a full perm item that includes a .dae file and a clear TOS like the one it was posted here by the OP, then its unethical to resale derivates in full perm mode. Usually .dae files are given away so merchants that buy templates can so several things with them, like bake textures, upload the mesh in their names, add details and modifications if the skills are enough. But obviously they arent meant to be resold full perm, I think otherwise it will state it in the TOS. Something around the lines of: Do whatever wih these files. By the OP saying that it spend a week working o
  6. Re: Please, Merchants, stop the madness. [ Edited ] Reply to Drake1 Nightfire - view message ‎05-11-2014 01:20 PM - edited ‎05-11-2014 01:22 PM Ill tell you exactly why L.L. wont force their removal. Because the whole point of limited stock merchandise is to jack up prices along with lots of quick sales in a short period of time, (something that L.L. greatly desires thinking they will make more money themselves in the process, and even in the long run). So as a reward for merchants who do that, L.L. is effectively giving these merchants greater exposure through more merchandise listin
  7. I wasnt by all means rude at you, I just stated what seemed obvious for me. It still seem obvious so i wont take it back; if circumstances were different i might have done it. But i still believe the same. I would have continue beeing polite at you, if you would not send me an im inworld saying how wrong i was in my comment and then rush your answer here, beeing sarcastic and saying how we all people in here had no life and only saw the bad on people. I can garantee you, that is not the case. But like peri said some had been around long enough to know better and honestly, i dont apreciate beei
  8. "I wasnt there and no one saw me there. Thats that folks". And as you have the right to say whatever comes out of your self proclaimed clueless brain, tell all of us that we have no lifes and only see the bad in people, we have full right to think whatever we like and say it. And incredible enough, there seem to be a lot of us that think alike about your posts. Does it mean we have the true? No. But we can still think it is.
  9. I did not though about the keywords. Ill do that with my sold out. Its not to proof that i uploaded it first, to lindens, but to create some sort of costumer awareness. It has been told that people dont read much, and that they hardly look what store they are buying from. I do this so my costumers and specially new ones, can recognize my store as the original source of the products. I will remove the keywords of sold out if that helps. I already change the name of the sold out products and also remove their demos. And again I agree there is so much i would like to be seen improved in mp. For i
  10. Please if you need to reply on anything I post here, do it in here. Dont send me im. I wont reply to them. And again this place is not to paste a link to your store, you know this, or at least you should know it. I was wrong, someone did ask you about the dress, but i dont think it was so you could post a link to your store. But i was right and you did paste a pic of your dress without anyone asking anything. I would like to assume im free to think whatever I like, and I think youre trying to advertise your shop in the most weird way ive seen in time, not just once, but twice. And youre
  11. I sell limited items, and i do keep them listed, tho i change the names once they are sold out. There is a reason to do this, and its so that people can recognize those products are from my store. This is not out of an ego issue, but a practical one. I had my store items sold on fraud stores more than once. At one moment, all the items of my store were sold at a fraud store. The only way I have to people to know hose items were mine, is to keep them listed.b But, even tho I dont think its a good idea to poof the items, I agree there should be an option for them to appear as history items, so
  12. Yet another weird post. About 90% of those kind of mesh dresses use an alpha below so there is no underskirt to be looked at, just transparent space. I readed the post, and no one asked he Op to post a pic of the dress she was was wearing, and no one asked were did she got her dress to beging with. So there was no need to post the link to her store in here. Im sorry, but to me the whole thing sound like the previous post by the same person, and it begings to sound old. Plus, not that someone asked me, but if i get kicked out of a sim like that, i would never come back there, and even les
  13. Regular social skills need to be learned. Its never the same to text someone tan to speak to someone looking at their eyes. Sounds old, I bet, but its true. Also for some kids I dont if all its very difficult to find interest in the real life after they spend their time playing in vw or whatever game online. And finally some kids mix reality with fantasy, even some adults do it. Saying this i mean if they get hurted in the game/vw they feel sad in rl. Ive seen this with minecraf. Again im not saying this goes for every kid, but at least mine, he seems happier when he is off games and internet.
  14. I might be old fashioned but, to me a teen should be out there socializing and seeing things, and not playing in a VW. I have a 7 yo to whom i allowed to play minecraft for about 3 months. The moment he started playing it he got absent. He woudnt even listen to what happend around. It was too inmersive for him, and him beeing a kid coudnt manage it. So i took that away from him, magically i got my kid back. So, again I do feel kids or teens, should be doing something else outside and not in sl or other vw.
  15. "Jejeje", "Jajajaja" and "Jijiji" its all laughs in spanish. Its a matter of taste really to choose wich one you like the best. For some personal taste, to me Jejeje sounds like a cheeky laugh and Jijiji more like a giggle, and then jajaja more like a regular laugh.
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