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  1. One method which I am pretty sure that works is to verify a bank account with Paypal. Setting up a second bank accound with your bank is very easy, and this will allow you to transfer money from your main bank account into the 2nd. (Also this will allow you not to have all your hard earned money stolen, and the headache of getting it back, if you paypal account gets hacked) After that you just Transfer money from your 2nd bank account into Paypal. Wait for the money to show up in your Paypal wallet and then buy Lindens in the amouth that you have transfered into Paypal. This method is longer a
  2. Make sure media is enabled in the viewer. (not your issue if it switches to a black screen) **make sure enable plugins is checked off 1.Update flash http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/ (If using Shared media prim) 2. Update Quicktime http://www.apple.com/ca/quicktime/download/ (If using parcel media) 3. Try watching a movie with your anti-virus and firewall disabled (Don't for get to turn back on) 4. Try streaming a video from the "tv" station in a external browser while SL is running (to check if your connection can handel both) Hopefully one of those solves it.. i'd ch
  3. Hi A,not sure if I can help you with this, but these are the steps I take in trying to fix layer issues. If it shows them as being worn and you can't see them, go into edit appearance usually it will force layers that are not showing to appear. If they are not even being able to be worn at, then perhaps clearing cache, or the horrible revert to Ruth and put everything on again. I'm no expert, just a suggestion.
  4. I am currently using Firestorm and have encountered a strange issue. When I set "Quality and speed" to Low (high performance/low quality) my fps drop to 9 Fps. When its set to mid, I get 60 Fps, High, its 40 Fps, Ultra 20 Fps. What I can't understand is why (high performance/low quality) has such a low frame rate compaired to the rest when it should be the highest. Am I missing a setting or is my logic flawed?
  5. Lets not for get the question of legality, many sources for music state they they are for personal use only, even Beatport .com states in there Terms and Conditions for downloads; "...personal private use only and not for commercial or public use or distribution." (the is a site for DJ's?) . Many countries have there own laws on the subject, some requiring the venue to pay for the licence to provide music, some the DJ. The digital age is truly a confusing one for Dj's, Check your countries laws.
  6. DJ looking for Work. The club I worked for closed it doors the other day, so now I am on the hunt for another job. I mix live and am available a limited amount, I will need a 24/7 days a week club as I work Shift work in RL. I don't use a mic, this is a personal choice, and I put my money into programs and equipment. I currently have no stream but that can be easily fixed if the club does not provide one. My internet connection is is 50mb download 20mb upload so streaming quality is never an issue. I prefer to only work for one club at a time, but would be willing to make an exception. My styl
  7. I think mixxx would be another option to look at, its a free djing program not unlike virtual dj and has a brodcasting option.
  8. I think you could if you wanted, use two computers, one for partycloud.. line that in to the other computer and broadcast with that. As for sound quality, the latency between both computers and the web based service you might have a good jukebox but thats about it. Will more than likey also eat up alot of bandwidth but without further research can't say for sure. So the answer is yes but you might not want to.
  9. Not sure but you might want io look in to putting your paging file onto a usb flash stick thats always plugged in. Windows Vista and 7 have the feature avaliable its called ReadyBoost. I'm sure there is a work around for Windows XP out there. Flash memory would be faster than using a hard drive especially if its an Ide drive (thick ribbon connects it to the hard drive) but flash drives only allow so many writes so 100,000 they say. So you will burn through the flash drive in a couple months or less depending on you usage.
  10. Looking to rent commercial, either skyplatform or land not a large parcel maybe 200 -250prims that I can set radio and land name.. etc.. Send me a message/notecard inworld if you know of any.. Also Sorry if this is in the wrong spot
  11. Looking to rent commercial, either skyplatform or land not a large parcel maybe 200 -250prims that I can set radio and land name.. etc.. Send me a message/notecard inworld if you know of any.. Also Sorry if this is in the wrong spot
  12. Its always on make sure its set to white, pure white. If its still not working, I have no idea as this problem has never happened to me. The only other thing is that lighting in SL can make things look darker, brighter or a different color.
  13. Another issue that might be a play here, and I did not see mentioned, is that if you are taking 2D text and trying to apply it to a avatar which is 3D... Doing this distorts text and pictures. (text is less forgiving) Think of it as trying to wrap a whole piece of paper with a quote on it around your arm. The words won't line up, if you get the paper perfectly flat. And the paper will bunch up in certain places if you try to get the words to line up.... Etc.. Now imagine cutting words out of the paper and placing them on your arm one by one.. The quote will be shaped to your arm and will line
  14. Its becasue usually there are some pixels on the outside of most of the Avatar UV Templates that help you get an idea where things go try smuding slightly around the f, and keep going.. matching a seam is a long, hard process sometimes. In this case it looks to be the side with the majority of the letter F that needs the work done to it. Play around keep trying after about 3 uploads you will figure it out
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