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  1. Hello everyone, First off, since I have given up on romance in SL ( for myself) now I am seeking some Type of excitement, perhaps being a vampire, or a role play group. Have left behind my conservative self, moving on towards having some fun. So, I've Been changing my outfits to allow myself to become more like most of the ladies here Off with the old and on with the new me! Maybe becoming a vampire would give me the much needed excitement I crave ( umm nice words for a vampire to be ? ) Anyway, I'm ready at last to have fun and let out all my fantasies I stopped seeking a relationship in SL, just want to have some excitement Boring will not work for this lady , any help appreciated Lizbeth:smileyhappy:
  2. To Dresden, If all vampires look like you then I need to sign up! Hope its OK went to your blog And checked out your postings. Very interesting! Now, I need to find a clan myself. As, SL is rather boring at times for this human Lizbeth
  3. Well it still sucks, since I have no way of knowing if I will get back my lost inventory. Which includes my best avi and all her outfits. I paid someone to tweet her. So, that can not be gotten back by a store. ( even if a store was so kind to replace something not due to their fault) To me is Linden labs created this problem they should restore all our lost inventories. Not leave it up to us getting back to the stores. Still upset ........ But trying to be nice lizbeth
  4. Hi ChiaraHawk What can I say, hopefully you have not spent many lindens yet. I left myself as a ghost.With my best avi lost and all the outfits that went with her shape, even her shape is now lost. This doesn't help you though Sorry, hopefully if you are new your outfits are not that many. Still, I do understand. And, wish no one such. If I have lost my best custom tweeted avi with her outfits, well I may just stop SL. Too much money invested and still no bf. :smileysad: Best of luck to you and everyone. Today I need to get outside in the sun. best of luck to everyone lizbeth
  5. Kal thanks, just wonder if I will get back all I've lost, which includes my best and most expensive avi. The one I paid to be tweeted. Ugh if all that is lost. I'm going to take a much needed break from SL Have a good day everyone Lizbeth
  6. Yes, I have had this happen to me today when I tried to change my outfit I am a ghost, with not being able to create inventory. Nothing helps. About to cry, this is taking up all my morning and beyond Any help appreciated Lizbeth
  7. Yes, today I can not access any of my inventory, plus, when I tried to change outfits I became a ghost. I have tried everything I know but nothing helps I am so upset as I have spent too much money on this avi to have to resort to buying A new one plus all new clothes. If anyone has any suggestions, beyond what normally would resolves this Please help. About to just give up Elizabeth
  8. Donivan the E-reader sounds great since I have a kindle tablet, Are you saying you can send eBooks to those of us in the book club? I've just gotten my HD Kindle tablet, with only a couple of books downloaded ( so far) Very anxious to start this club, as this is something I would gain from. Learning is of upmost interest to me. Books give us that insight that in my opinion nothing else can. have a wonderful day! lizbeth
  9. Hello I am extremely interested in a book club, with mature people. As, I am a mature lady seeking intelligent friends to connect with in sl. So, look for my IM. This is something of great interest to this lady. Thank you, Lizbeth
  10. To all that have written, I have decided to give up looking for anyone. With a heavy heart I am just to upset To continue. SL may be good for so many of you but for me it has brought only sadness. But, thanks to each one that has tried to offer advice Good night Lizbeth
  11. With a smile on my face I send my thanks to all that have written replies to my message. Since my last post I've met someone that is so nice, now "only time will tell if we become close" I have to say he is one very interesting man that puts a smile on my face being around him. So, again thanks for all the wonderful suggestions. I do appreciate each one Have a wonderful day Lizbeth
  12. To Sephina Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, actually I could not find this thread till now. You ask why we two don't date others, well for reasons that are both social and moral No one that knows us know that we sleep in separate rooms, are not lovers, it is something we Choose to keep private. I understand why someone reading my post would judge me harshly, I am a very caring and loving lady, that only came to sl to explore my fantasy side. Perhaps, find some nice friends to have fun with. I have not engaged in SL sex. In fact I Find myself rather tame compared to most ladies in SL. Funny how I can't allow myself to Be that inner wild child. ( or woman ) You see my social standing along with my moral values keep even my sl self from going into things I see other ladies and men engage in. I often wonder if I belong here, but have found a few really nice people I do enjoy chatting with. And, on occasion dancing with. These people do not discuss their RL with me. Except to tell me what time zone they live in as I do with them. I have even shared the state I live in. I hope this clears up my own situation. Have a great day/evening Lizbeth
  13. Thank you Tigertat, I am finding myself more open with those I can relate to. And, desire to know better. One never knows when that someone will come along, so here I go again with a smile And anticipation of what might happen down the road. Lizbeth
  14. Hi Raven thanks for the info on the VKC dogs. Your words tell me to wait. The people that work with these dogs never tell these things. Much appreciated, Liz
  15. Hi :) I'm looking for people that have the virtual kennel club dogs. As, I've been drawn to them since I discovered them weeks ago. Would love to know from others if they are as life like as the people selling them say. So, if any of you have one ( or more ) please reply. I find myself going to visit them almost on a daily basis. Thank you, Liz
  16. Hi Nox thanks, and btw, I am still trying to make a badge for myself. without any luck so far. but I never stop trying
  17. LepreKhaun Thank you for your honest reply. I do share many aspects of my RL with those I have come to know that I also respect. Being respected in SL is very important to me. So, I've limited myself inworld to not going to places that would give the wrong impression of who I am. While I realize this limits my exposure to making more friends, it also gives me ( I hope) the chance to find the type of person I would enjoy knowing in both worlds. I came to SL to explore the fantasy side of myself. It has been rather difficult to allow My SL self to do some of the things I would most likely enjoy. I've just lived such a reserved life it is quite hard to let go of that and let my fantasies Go wild. Well, for me wild is not what it might be for so many others in SL. So many wonderful people I know are in SL, just have to find them! I have found a few Still seeking to learn and explore the many lovely sims, today is my 3rd month in SL Yes, at last I am no longer a newbie!! LOL BTW, I do enjoy life, am not some stuffy lady. I have a good sense of humor, and love to laugh and have fun. have a great day! Liz
  18. Brent I totally agree with you, I also hate this new chat window. Just when things were going well they change ..... ugh. Liz
  19. VR Professor thank you! I just felt in many ways that my private life had been violated The information I post on my FB walls is for my real life friends as they know the real me. I also wish to thank each person that has given their views, even if I disagree I respect all view points. love, laugh, and live life each day as it could be your last. Liz
  20. Hello Gene Ok, so to you it's really lame of me to ask this question. I will admit that point. Suppose you mean I need to make my RL........... I take it two ways: 1. I make my RL sound the way I would love for it to be, not what it is. 2. I share what my RL is ? How many in sl share with others eveything in their RL? I admit to sharing many aspects of my RL while wishing to keep private the areas that are no one's business other than those I may wish to share it with Some of us or to be specific Myself. As I can not speak for you nor anyone else have issues in our RL that we are not willing to share due to not wanting to cross the line between fantasy and RL all this must sound terrible to those of you without any RL issues. For me I am a reserved and proper lady in RL and if I disclose my identity to just anyone it could jeopardize my RL situation. I am truly one that values honest and open discussions. Just wanting to keep some of my RL private. As I've stated earlier I did go out on the "limb" and give my email address to one friend. Who then searched till he found my FB account and came in while I was there. I thought that was totally un called for. I should just stop this as I seem to upset some of you for that I am truly sorry. If you knew my reasons I suspect you would not judge me harshly. As I am a very loving and caring soul not wishing to hurt anyone, anyway, have a good day no matter what you think of my question. Sent with all the best wishes Liz
  21. Yes, I've changed my badge, at least its better than that lame picture I had. now if only I could use something more like my sl self........... humm
  22. :matte-motes-smile: Griffin,,,,,, thanks, as I was not aware of this. Now how do I change this stupid 'badge" of mine?
  23. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: Well then Hi Griffin, I believe your name is hidden by design.. smiles at you!
  24. Hi Helper I believe that is your name? Anyway, a great idea! That way my RL personal information will not be a problem. Thanks, will create one just for Lizbeth2u. She may enjoy being with her SL friends :matte-motes-smile:
  25. Hi Tex Thanks for the reply, I have made my FB account more secure. and have blocked that friend. If someone would ask me before hand, then perhaps I would be fine with adding them as my FB friend. Just found it rather creepy. Again thanks, Liz
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