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  1. My new home , when I click the security button the home page comes up but all I see is script error try again, how can I reset this ???
  2. Hello, I have questions about my account. I'm an adult with a premium account paid in full for one year. I was blocked from charging my credit card to exchange L$ . I'm not happy about this so I placed money 45.00$ on a SL money account. To my surprise I"m blocked again from using my own money to buy L$. I'm asking for this block to be lifted and let me buy L$ freely with my account information. I don't understand why I'm having a hard time using my own money.If I cannot remade this I will close my account out and not return to SL. There are many other cyber worlds that will not block me from using my own money.Please stop controlling what I spend this is my personal account.. Thank you , cristine chase Please contact me regarding this matter.. Thank you.
  3. Hi Everyone ! I'm looking for SL friends, buddies to hang out with. Come on let's go and have some fun .
  4. I used my visa to buy cash to my account and I can not buy Linden$ why?? I have a premium account . Thank you ...
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