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  1. I am VERY interested in a position. I was a Mama Allpa doctor for 4 years and a GP in an sl hospital for 1 year before it closed. I am looking to learn the hands on care maternity system. I will be online tomorrow (Wed) after 2pm slt. I go by Electra but my legacy name is asunda1 resident.
  2. I am purchasing a large piece of land that is under water. I want to leave waterways around it so it is an island. Is it better to start in the center, raise and work outwards?
  3. My business partner created a group while we were building a club and registered and paid for the name. she didn't add her name to the group and now cannot find it. we looked in "my groups" but it is not showing up. Any suggestions?
  4. asunda1

    making gift cards

    I am hosting an event where I will be giving away a credit for any item in my store for up to 50L. basically a gift card..but I am not sure how to make them exactly...I need 16 of them...
  5. The jacket doesn't work because it leaves the front open, however, I found that if I added it to pants, it now works perfectly. Thank you to everyone that replied. You input is greatly appreciated
  6. I have a mesh tshirt template that I have created many shirts with. My dilemma is that there is a bottom piece that I am not sure how to use. The template is in png. format. At this point, I normally upload the png to my inventory and then create a new shirt in appearances and add the texture. When I try to do this, it puts the piece at the neckline instead of the waistline. I am using the current sl viewer which does not allow additional pieces to be created, so I have to make this as a seperate piece. What am I doing wrong?
  7. asunda1


    There is a program called mesh studio that a lot of designers use. I would advise taking a beginners class in basic mesh at the builders brewery. The classes are free
  8. There are also ways to earn money in SL. for example, you can magic fish. The pole is free and you can gem hunt which will also earn you linden dollars and award fish bait that you can use with your free pole. I have added a link that will show you a lot of ways to earn linden dollars. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/How_to_Earn_Linden_Dollars_in_Second_Life
  9. the builder of the water horse is not verry helpful and would not help me understand how to put the horse together once I got it. All he said was yo have to wear it...
  10. when I try to launch the search bar, the green bar will not fill
  11. I am interested in a hostessing position. Please contact me. thanks electra
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