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  1. I'm trying to join the group, but it's stuck on loading...
  2. You had me at "open minded", lol. Dressing up is one of my fav parts of sl
  3. Sorry your friend "poofed" I do a lot of the same stuff and I'm noticing it's not that easy to find other girls to talk to here in SL, message me anytime!
  4. Hi there! I'm in the same spot, it's kinda tough out there, lol. I'm on a lot, and would love to meet some new people! Send me an IM Take care!
  5. Yesterday I had a group flood my chat with spam, it took me a few steps to figure out what it was, when I did, it was a group that I did not "join" but it had me as a member. Maybe check your groups and leave any suspicious ones?
  6. I can't log in either, keeps directing me to the grid status which says nothing about it, lol. I couldn't tp, so I logged out and can't get back in now.
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