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  1. I don't want a sugar daddy but nice gifts and freebies are always appreciated LOL
  2. Hi, I would be very interested in learning more about your family! I have been in SL for almost a year but I have not been on a lot. I still have problems figuring out my way around, and I'm a bit shy both in world and out, so it's hard to make friends. I think if I got involved in a family it would be much easier to make friends and meet others.
  3. I am interested in dancing. I used to dance about a year ago, but had to take a break from SL because of personal reasons. I would love to dance again. I enjoyed it and also enjoyed making friends and earning Lindens.
  4. I am interested in getting more information about your family. It sounds like a lot of fun!
  5. I am new and sort of don't know my way around SL yet. I would love some help and also some friends to hang with. Male or female does not matter!
  6. Hi everyone I am fairly newt to SL. I am on another site similar and it is much easier to figure stuff out. I find the clothing and especially the properties very hard to figure out. I hate that I feel I have to have a degree to get a house/property. I bought one but cannot figure it out lol...well so much for that! I also have found people are not as easy to talk to/make friends with. Maybe I have not found the right places to frequent as of yet. So...where are some places to make friends? I would love to find some friends who will help me learn my way around, and how to do stuff in SL. I am 52, but I get along with all ages. I do find the older 30/40 age group more mature though.
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