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  1. Non-techie needing help. Have used Firestorm viewer for 10+ years with little problems. Updated to most recent version in October this year. At first- no problems. In past couple of months, Firestorm freezes frequently and/ or starts 'screen glitching', with error message: ' Application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware.' Google searched this message and changed browser to Firefox. Next time it happened, changed something in Settings (can't recall what) and it worked great for a while. Happening again tonight. Have tried 'Running as Administrator, Compatibility Troubleshooting- cannot get it to stop screen glitching. Using a Windows laptop with Windows 10. What is the best browser to use to help? Thank you!
  2. Hello- can someone please tell me an easy way to find phantom objects on your parcel? I don't know the name of it, can't see it, but keep getting stopped by it. I am using the latest version of Firestorm. Also- how can you make phantom sides/ parts (for example, on a floor/ wall) be seen? Thank you!
  3. Hello- does anyone know if there is prim water that can be placed on top/ in mainland water, to make it deeper to swim in? I'm on a Mainland parcel and -4 is not deep enough. Thank you! Red52
  4. Thank you, ChinRey! I will look for it with those words. Take care!
  5. I understand, ChinRey! I don't think I described what I am looking for correctly. Looking for terrain (of some sort/ design) that you can put on top of the water or land that is in your parcel. Thanks!
  6. Hello- this is probably not in the correct section but not sure what item is called. I am renting a sim on Mainland and would like to purchase a platform with trees, scenery, etc. to suspend just above the parcel. I'm not sure what these type of things are called other than platform/ sim design/ surround. Having a difficult time finding these in Marketplace; what are these things generally called, and any suggestions for search words? Thank you! Red52
  7. Thank you so much for all the details, Lindal! Super helpful :-)
  8. Thanks for info, Dean, but not looking to sail them. Was asking because looking for possible parcels to rent that aren't listed in Search features.
  9. Ok thanks for clarifying. And I agree it'd be a wonderful idea!
  10. Interesting! Thank you again 🙂 I didn't know they made boats to sail in sky boxes!
  11. Thanks for all the great info, Caroline! Reading through your blog posts 🙂
  12. Thanks, Aethelwine. How do you tell if you are at ground level? Just if it doesn't say 'Sky'?
  13. Thank you so much, Rufferta! Questions: 1) If I can derender the water, is it void or real?; 2) Where the water is cut off at the end of a parcel, is that because of the Owner's choice or something else? Thanks 🙂
  14. Hello- questions about parcels with Sailable Water & Regions: 1) Is Sailable Water only available on Mainland or Private Islands?; 2) Why is Sailable Water not allowed on Estate parcels?; 3) How many different Regions are there in SL?; 4) Is there a list somewhere that shows all of the names of the Regions? Thank you!
  15. Found the sim with listings for many properties- it is: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oggy/94/32/348
  16. Hello- I am looking to rent a new parcel and having to sort through many options in the Search feature, as well as the Marketplace. Is there any place that lists all available parcels for rent (not for sale)? How can I find available parcels from members who don't have group properties? A year or so ago, I did find a sim that had listings for many rental properties; does anyone know if that still exists? How can I find a list of all property owners? Anyone have ideas for how to search better? This is very time consuming 😞 Thank you!
  17. Wow! Thank you so much for all the terrific information, Prokofy Neva! 🙂 I've never seen a rental that is refundable; will have to look & ask about that, thanks. Can Mainland properties be terraformed or the ground color changed?
  18. Hello- I currently am renting a parcel on Mainland. Yesterday, I tried to change my Premium membership back to Basic but got an error message that said I 'must relinquish owned land before I can downgrade membership.' Questions: 1) Can you NOT rent or buy any Mainland parcels unless you have a Premium membership?; 2) What are the differences between Buying, Renting, and Owning?; 3) If you Rent a parcel, are you considered as Owning it? Thank you for your help! Red52
  19. Ladies- many thanks to all of you for the great information! I will try these methods :-)
  20. Interesting, ChinRey- thank you! Are these numbers pictured in the Position and Rotation sections, the 'standard' for getting the correct angles for upright walls? Also- is there a way to straighten walls, foundation, etc. by using the 'snap to grid' option? ( I still don't quite understand that option.) Thank you again :-)
  21. Hello, I am renting a mainland parcel that cannot be re-terraformed by myself or the rental agency. Does anyone know if LL will re-terraform a parcel if asked? Thank you!
  22. Hello, can someone please explain or send a link showing how to line walls up so they are straight for building a house? I unlinked my house to edit it, and am trying to learn how to put walls back up so they are straight. I do know how to copy objects, but want to know how to straighten objects (like walls, foundation, etc.) once they have been rotated/ manipulated. Thank you!
  23. Hello, bought a new house recently. After rezzing, can't figure out which to choose of these to keep structure rezzed: Choice of "Stealth, Rez, Terraform, DeRez, FINISH, & Store. Ignore."
  24. Hi Griffin, I went in this evening to try to fix the connection, yet it seems to have fixed itself somehow because it is now working and I can teleport inworld from outside links. Not sure if that is 'built in' with the newest software upgrade, but if so- I love it! :-) Thanks so much again, for your generous help! Red52
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