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  1. Laetizia Coronet wrote: I had to google that. H'm, euh, interesting eh... concept there. IBTL. I guess IATL would be proof some actual skill but OK, who am I? IATL would mean you gots some wicked hacker skills ... or you're the admin trying to sneak in into the thread .... :robotindifferent:
  2. Ciaran Laval wrote: They should be allowed to make an honest trailer for Second Life. PG , M or A ? I think with Blockworlds they might make an approach towards a much younger audience. Looking at the vid it looks like a lotta experimental fun for kids ( and perhaps some adults too ). I think it's a good acquisition.
  3. Wow... that's ... very very interesting. No, seriously. It is. ETA : Waitwut ? HEY RODVIK !!! WHY NO ANDROID VERSION AS WELL !!!!!11!!1!1
  4. Sure. You done asking ? :robotindifferent:
  5. Oh .. well.. SL can do that. You tried Patterns yet ? :robotindifferent:
  6. Porky Gorky wrote: More importantly why do I even care? Disregard the question. :matte-motes-big-grin: Well .. <brag> perhaps because it's kinda an art to call dibs on it in here. To sense when moderators might be fed up with a certain spirit. Timing was of course essential. </brag>
  7. Porky Gorky wrote: TDD123 wrote: I had dibs on IBTL some posts earlier :robottongue: What sort of stupid rule is that? You could just say IBTL at the start of every thread. Surely the skill comes from getting the last post in? Aww... don't be a sour loser, Porky. Go whine about your loss on the feeds. Seems popular. Err.. You might also get a rematch in this thread. Who knows ? :robotindifferent:
  8. Caitlin Tobias wrote: :robottongue:
  9. You need ask ? Right ... :robotindifferent:
  10. I had dibs on IBTL some posts earlier :robottongue:
  11. MissManaged wrote: Linden Lab would do well to take a closer look at their alley and the ever growing sewage spill that may well end up lowering the property value. I hope that Linden Lab decides to clean up the alley, it's beginning to stink. Why, oh why, did you open the sewer's lid ? :robotsad: Goddemmit ..... :robotmad:
  12. Maybe these inhabitants of the feeds are not quite up your alley, but what else to expect while on that short road into Arkham Asylum with more than one Joker ?
  13. leon Bowler is my one troll love ... :robotindifferent:
  14. leon Bowler wrote: Well shows how wrong you are, don't go near them but some perves do come to my shop, so I have to be vigilant, I have been an estate owner and a business owner in here for over 5 years, I find your post an insult, any one turning up on my land loaded with xcite being under 5foot 6inches or naked is booted, any person that swears, or even says the word sex is booted. I love you , leon ! :heart: :robothappy:
  15. ... but I still love you ... *whisper* Please stay. :robotembarrassed:
  16. Please hold me tight .... *whimper* Say no more. I will miss you. :robotsad:
  17. Ouch.. the other thread gone too. Hmmmh ... must be me then, I confess. I feel so proud in this thread right now. I love you, my child ... *winks to leon* ETA : And a thank you to the OP. :robotlol:
  18. leon Bowler wrote: So what happened to my thread then. LL must consider you a troll. Confess, my child.
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