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  1. Charli Infinity wrote: If people knew they would be like "hey do you know Charli plays Second Life?" and "Oh, that game where they have cybersex and slutty avatars?" It'll go around as something bad. Or you might get asked by some snooki for some smoosh smoosh ? ... :robotindifferent:
  2. Janelle Darkstone wrote: .....is it ethical just to want to have underwear with that little flappy buttony hatch on the backside? What ?!@!? Excuuuhuuuse me ? :robotsurprised: David sez : A Long John is the ultimate erotic underwear if any and a required standard garment for any civilized sophisticated man ... :robotindifferent:
  3. I find Porky's statement unprofessional too. Would absolutely hate to ever see him in shorts without briefs while letting it all hang out. :robotindifferent:
  4. I couldn't fill in the survey. My monitor's diameter is in centimetres ... :robotindifferent:
  5. Ansariel Hiller wrote: I already had that! Can I get a refund? Refund ? You actually made a donation ? :robottongue: Err .. no .. no refund.... please. That's best for the creators and consider you're paying for us both then ... since I'd of course would donate if I could ... :robotembarrassed:
  6. Yes ... can you feel the pain ? Awful, innit ? ... :robotindifferent: Hence the return of one them still sounds to me like Lurch calling : "You rang ?" Did you ring ? .. Please tell me you didn't ... :robotmad:
  7. Small, but effective. Wish this would work as easy in RL with TV ads. :robotwink:
  8. Heh .. epic . I hope there is a sequel to this. :robothappy:
  9. Somehow you look very smart to me ... :robotindifferent: You're welcome.
  10. Simplest option .. Rez ( create ) a cube. Name it or use hovering text-script to edit it's description. Drag stuff from inventory into it ( no mod / no trans - items will be copied ; no copy - items will be moved). Or just get one of these, rez one and start moving things into it from inventory.
  11. If you don't love Suspiria, she should leave you cold. She does at least leave me cold. Come on. Just admit Willow's right .. :robottongue:
  12. You're still here for the turkey shoot, ain'tcha ? ETA : You cannot possibly be here in this thread for a mere piggy-back ride.
  13. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Willow Danube wrote: Whether they admit it or not, they've missed you. Who are "they" and do they know that you're speaking for them? Griffin Ceawlin : Member of the infamous Forum "Hit Squad," though still "awaiting confirmation." Seems confirmation has been established by Willow. Or are you not here joined by others to have a blast at a possible turkey shoot ? :robotindifferent:
  14. Yeah, ok, fair enough. You read it more thoroughly. The date of the recently released trailer, march 20th, confused me.
  15. Development days ( called Genesis ) for Patterns are over, me thinks. The announcement on Steam is a product release. It's out there now officially and has an official trailer (on Steam). Perhaps it's not quite finished yet, but it's being sold and is no longer under 'heavy' development. Even has a price on it .. about 10 USD ( EUR 7,99 ) .
  16. One advantage Steam has for me personally is the ability to use country-specific ( non-US ) payment options. I was rather surprised I can purchase directly with them with my normal bank-account ( something still only possible today in SL via exchange providers who charge commissions ). Steam might have had more serious breaches than SL / LL purely because of being considered more lucrative to hackers. It remains to be seen if LL would actually communicate fairly if such breaches occur. Perhaps both Steam and LL could advantage from shared expertise about such things as security breaches, lef
  17. Here ... so why is the Second Life Viewer still not availiable on Steam ? Been anounced sometime ago, but never going to happen ? :robotindifferent:
  18. Like Qie, I suspect GPU issues which might be resolved by re-setting up your Catalyst - driver. You might need to downgrade to a slight older driver as well to get / keep SL working too, but I never use AMD / ATI products, so maybe another ATI user might tell you which driver works best. Why not have a look inside these logs yourself and not send them ? ______________________________________________________________________________ To find your diagnostic log files, locate the SecondLife folder which contains the logs folder. Windows 7 and Vista The folder is usually located at C:
  19. Deja Letov wrote: Toy String wrote: IMHO the technology is dead, at least for now. Just go to a really crowded place, you won't even be able to move. This is just my 2 cents...but I think part of the problem is not just outdated technology. But if some machines run SL just fine and older ones don't can we really put all the blame on SL? It's not like this is a game where all assets are already pre-installed on your machine from a disk so it can be loaded immediately and therefore have no lag. This is real time viewing and downloading happening every second we are logged in. I'm not
  20. Charli Infinity wrote: Will it? or when do you think Second Life will "end" maybe because Linden Lab ends it or no one logs in anymore Been thinking about this :matte-motes-delicious: What do you think? When and why? Discuss Possibly. Maybe you will be the last resident left turning off the lights at the end the next decade of SL, who knows ? In the meantime ... Perhaps it's community can take it to a level Black Mesa has 10 years after Half-Life ... Perhaps not. :robotindifferent:
  21. Your request for Linden Lab's next slogan "Humble pricing for humble needs." has been noted and was filed accordingly. :robotindifferent: Please hold while "Your world. Our over-calculation." is re-evaluated.
  22. I don't drink coffee ; I take tea, my dear ..... :robotwink: No matter what they say ... :robotindifferent: ETA : It makes me smile realizing your signature is bolder than mine. :robothappy:
  23. Sphincter with phallic delusion sez wut ? :robotindifferent:
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