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  1. True, but textures not caching and objects not loading isn't a generalization. It's definitely happening more than usual for me.
  2. Maybe, but I'm noticing it on sims where there aren't even other people, just my own stuff and nothing scripted.
  3. What's up with SL lately? Textures aren't caching, objects aren't rezzing, overall performance just seems degraded. Anyone else noticing this?
  4. Dreamland is copying your landscaping. Not as good as Willowdale, but it's so obvious!
  5. Oh, these are just beautiful! Just one left with a sunset view? I hope it's still there on payday!
  6. 27 full prim sims - fully landscaped 83% occupancy Serious inquiries only Contact rhyn.inglewood@gmail.com to make an offer
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