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  1. LOL they didnt create them, they first appeared in some MMOs around 2010 then spread, EA joined the party later The one that democratized those massivly has been STEAM mostly, along with skin gamlbing websites owned by suspicious people Notice that skin gambling website owners just had warnings from UK autthorithies, because parents complained about their kids beeing scammed /gambling money on skin gambling websites Wake up lol, inform yourself, dont you realize something is going wrong , around? Is that your definition of justice?
  2. Ty i got a great existence, in this thing called first life you know. About the "it's not going to change anything", i wouldnt be so sure, i regularly read the list of the LL employees and i saw many changes, so i guess that they are constantly under change, especially since SANSAR *failed* and they have to focus back on SL. Its not like experienced creators and customers warned LL also about Sansar. Changes? Of course there will be change, One day people will be tired to visit places filled with afk alts/bots everywhere and they will log less and less, See, thats exactly what is currently happening those past years.
  3. Again agressive behavior. Do as you wish dude. Dig all you want. I also dig about you and see that you are constantly flaming any negative review on this forum. Also you misunderstood post #1 since iam mentionning the estates that are also the abusers Are you the support undercover? The support , by allowing unconstructive, and aggressive behavior from people like you is doing great mistake. When i see this kind of attack from you i can only consider that SL deserves to fail. Not going to come back after reading such attacks And you , what are you looking for? Others admiration? or just flaming any negative report/review. Thats incredible.
  4. They wil stay until people that are scammed get legal actions, or simply stop to buy lootboxs You forgot to mention that good companies like EA GAMES , that care a lot about their own image removed ALL THEIR LOOTBOX SYSTEMS. They changed their economic system completly after Belgium announce. Some other, UBISOFT made a very funny statement: "we sell lootbox because people are buying them" That is absolutly right. All comes from people stupidity or addiction. LOOTBOXs, gatchas, wil continue until people stop to buy those, simple You know what to do then, boycott them or they wil keep on spreading/scamming. Ill add that i got great admiration concerning those companies such as EA GAMES that removed instantly their lootbox after the belgium announce they take care about their image.
  5. You wrote earlier that you understood my point since 90% of the users are using firestorm legacy search tool and get results based on traffic sorry but iam lost about your post, then RESULTS ARE TRAFFIC BASED SINCE MOST OF THE PEOPLE USE FIRESTORM SEARCH
  6. I did 2 reports on a sim, then talked to ****** Linden (i wont give the name ) about this matter so i got ful knowledge about the actual system, again, read post #1 everything is inside, this is linden lab confirmed since the Linden employee gave me this answer about private estate owners: "private estate owners manage their estate" The fail again comes from LL that is not enforcing search results
  7. You wrote it: "you have a feeling." Then let me tell you something, do yourself an investigation and then come back with facts as iam doing. Thanks. Having opinion is pointless, do your own investigation and give me facts.
  8. As said in post #1 i did everything. Even contacting inworld employees, and receiving their answeers. Dont forget that iam blaming the private estate owners that are themselves abusing of bots/alts in mass and i receive from Linden Lab employees answers like "we cant do anything they manage their estate" But the search result ISNT fixed then, to resume the search result arent anymore watched and the private estates (full sim owners) are totally unpunished when they do abuse with massive alts/bots
  9. Do you understadn english? then re-read my post. Iam there to highlight an unfair matter of fact; those TOS are not mine, its linden lab's one, and they are not enforcing them, and also do selective enforcement. Where did i write that i had a failing traffic "buisness"??? NOWHERE, this come striaght out your mind, and this is a wrong statement. I actually dont own any buisness traffic related in SL, i dont own any buisness, sometimes iam planning about coming back, tho, regarding many parameters (and the one from post #1 is one of those) i dont want to come back ANY SECOND, until those parameters are fiXed or Linden Lab management is fixed. Actually i dont have any buisness inworld. I owned a 4000+ members community in past within SL, and it was successful, i never had traffic problems (going as high as 40k traffic regularly, TRUE traffic), i stopped investing time and money in SL in 2015, for many reasons - all linden lab related, i wont come back until those reasons are fixed. You guys from support want to play selective enforcement and selective TOS application, you are losing 4000+ people coming back in SL , simple as that. You lose one customer you lose 4k+ community. Simple. THis is a company, you should accept customers feedback, and should not give us arrogant answers , this is simple as that. Iam just asking that you are applying your own TOS , this is incredible, do you think that my feedback is "unreal"? I dont think so, it is unreal if we consider that you are incompetent or want to do selective buisness until the end of SL (which comes faster that you think , such behavior wil lead you nowhere.)
  10. its been 10 days; a lot of people answered or reacted (with smiles?)but no one get any idea about the employee(s) in charge of applying the TOS (monitoring search results, and kicking out those full of alts/bots, especially in the particular case mentionned post#1) Oh crap, i think i forgot to pay an expensive premium account to receive such answer. This reminds me of this story with the "flag bad review" on marketplace, i had flagged bad reviews (spam) many times on my mp but never had any single result. My fiend also tried and failed ; then she used the live chat from premium members support and the employee removed the bad review instantly. Fun story indeed
  11. Thanks a lot you understood my point totally. Absolutly. Then there is something wrong at some point. SL Customers do have the (wrong) feeling that they can achieve something and make some buisness out of "skills" but we rather end in a slave system (similar as AMAZON, EBAY, UBER, YOUTUBE). The trick is that the money and time investment arent ONLY EXTREM (comparativly to REAL LIFE JOBs) in 2019, but they are also INSANE, since we got absolutly ZERO chance to compete vs those people who own the biggest part of the buisness within SL. Strangely those are LL protected and most of them are puppets that give an imagi of a "freelance buisness platform". This image was right around 2007-2010. This image is a SCAM in 2019. This also explains the total fail of: sansar, high fidelity, etc.. Simply because people wont be fooled twice. I stil dont understand how comes SL turned from something that payed hard work its real value, to something that is actually scamming people's time an money. I estimate this change having happened around 2014. Probably those at the top of the pyramid made giant profit and dont give a ***** anymore. Then my last question is will you ever stop this joke or give us back our money?
  12. Thats absolutly wrong, traffic stats are a major criteria for most of the people. Not for me , but for them, i know it, its not like i had 1000+ people in contacts back in the past. Thats the reality, they see 20000 traffic they think that the place is going well while it is filled with alts/bots, this is the reality. Go inworld talk to most of the people and you will understand this. Il even add: go to those big places at the top of the search and try to have a normal discussion with those normal "standing" avatars that just stand there and do nothing (not talking, not moving, nothing)then give us your feedback, i guess you will give up very fast ofc they are just standing bots/alts
  13. I said bot/alts. Obviously you know nothing about this matter, then why do you even talk to me with such arrogance and attitude. All i see is someone defending hysterically LL (while i didnt attack policies, i stated that they werent applied, which is TOTALLY different) instead of talking about the subject. iam quoting the TOS and you are starting to attack me instead of answering tome: such an attitude. You arent the center of SL sorry. Do you want more example of the actual reality? Ill give you a silmple example: i know someone that has been victim of such report, he had a place, then ofc, as usual a drama happened between him and someone. (my friend was boosting his traffic with alts for now MANY years- he hadnt a full sim but a 1/4 sim-i warned him many times but he never listened to me). The person he had drama with threatened him: "ill report you, i know a Linden Lab employee he will delete your traffic alts", then the abuse report came few days after the threat, and 10-15 avatars /alts from my friend been banned. Do you know the fun fact? The fun fact is that the ban came directly from LL while the land was rented and 1/4 sim (from one of those big estates renters) Thats just an example of complete unfairness within second life. At the opposite, *some other places* are *safe* and *allowed* to log *as many alts as they want for traffic purpose*
  14. Iam sorry, iam trying to explain a problematic, very kindly and from a customer point of view. No need to be rude with me . You are calling my post "useless" and making arrogant statements - no offense, but this is very rude. Is that your way to answer to a customer? As far as i know, unless you are an employee, we are both customers. So, you and me are equal in second life. You might have skipped a fact, the one that iam a customer, and i find very, deeply UNFAIR, that one customer paying a ful private sim get more privilege than one paying a 3/4, a 1/2, and less. As a customer, i might have rented big places (club, etc.. even buisness places) and invested a lot of time and money in Second Life; in 2019, regarding the problem stated in Post #1, i might find it totally pointless to invest in SL, since LL doesnt apply their own TOS concerning traffic search monitoring. Also, i dont have intention to "share a list", i just have this list in my mind, i reported but nothing is done. I think that everyone could be equal regarding the money they are investing in Lands. We have moved to a total discrimination system. In this system those who pay a lot get ful privilege, those who pay less, less privilege. Thats obviously the actual politic concerning SL management. The average customer that cannot afford a full estate wil never do something "relevant, same with creators and business unless they pay the ful price - and then they wil be allowed to put massive amount of bots/alts to be at the top of the search. Why beeing silent concerning the TOS? Proly cause you know iam right and the TOS could be applied as in past. At least be honnest on that point which is that the current TOS isnt the reflect of the reality.
  15. Hello, iam posting this because i tried EVERYTHING (from reports to inworld discussion with LL employees) but i never had any clear answer from Linden Lab regarding this particular issue. Use of bots/alts in order to boost traffic is quite common nowadays. Abuses with bots/massive alts is forbidden according to Linden LAb bot policy: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Bot_policy Especially this part of the TOS: There are currently 3 different cases: 1/ the abuse is on the MAINLAND (LL owned lands), in this particular case, the report to LL is very reactive and LL applies TOS: OK. 2/ the abuse happens on a private estate owned by big estate rental companies (the abuser is the one that rents a parcel to the private estates): we need to report to the estate managers team (most of the time on their website or inworld to their support), here again, the TOS is applied very fast, the TOS is applied: OK. 3/ the abuse happens on a private estate owned by a single person. The abuser is the estate owner Himself. In this particular case, LL skips the report. And tell us that the estate owner is the only one who manage their estate activity. Thats LL answer. The reports are skipped totally. NOT OK We can see in numbr 3, that, in this particular case, the TOS isnt applied. This is clearly a void, and many , many, many abusers. I understand that private estate / full sims rented by a single person bring a lot of money/ profit to Linden Lab. Nevertheless, such abuse is VERY pOISONOUS to Search results, and globally to the whole second life activity. Most often it results in a bad Second life search result, imagine newcomers use search tool, the top sims will be filled by massive alts/bots and no activity, this is destroying Second Life's image. I actually got a complete list of many abusers/ lands/ estates/ number of bots, but this is useless, cause the situation s totally locked. I wish that people wil help us in this debate to try to persuade Linden Lab to act on this matter. In the end the only important thing is that Linden Lab applies the "ENFORCEMENT" part of their own BOT POLICY TOS. Dont forget that abusing search tool with fake traffic will slowly destroy all those who play fairplay (1/ and 2/ : small renters< 1 full sim), and they wil stop to rent parcels, in the end. So, in the end this is destroying SL buisness. Thanks for the debate,
  16. The friend who made me discover sl lost 100k yesterday, omg, he never had any chance machines were only losing, now as i see this topic i realize thats tricked. Sl seems to be a total mess with laws.
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