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  1. Ill try to clarify all the facts mentioned previously: 1/ the actual skill games arent skill games and are directly in conflict with LL own's policy: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Policy_Regarding_Wagering_in_Second_Life fact: actually every game of skill rely on random number generation to provide final score, moreover, the amount of JOKERs during the game is itself random. Notice that the amount of joker is very linked to the final outcome of the game... 2/The actual skill games system is weak and can be bypassed EASILY by gready owners/creators to cheat people more than ever: - Use of bots to get the random winner pots - Use of alts to win the big pots/contests instead of players - Use of alts to be first in replay and win the biggest replay stack. 2 Bis/ notice than from 2009 to 2011 (approx) most of the gaming devices had deep options permitting owners to adjust number of jokers, etc.. everything was possible to bait people with "good ratios" then change machines joker amounts/devil amounts and this way steal the victims that became regulars 2 bis bis/ in 2011 LL forbidden the auto on option on gaming devices which was against their own definition of skill games (the auto on pemitted to play money games in automatic mode): as you can see, this auto on mode cheated people during 1-2 years. (add to this tons of reports from players stating that this auto on mode was broken and sometimes it was skipping scores, making lose the player instead of winning. 3/ The actual skill games which migh get part of their scores "server based" (means the inworld LSL scripts sends a request to the creator server to receive a score result (numbers or jokers) and cant be verified since everything happening on the creator's server and not inworld.. 4/ the big WHEELs are back in SL: did you read their description? it is totally foggy as hell and are clearly NOT skill games but rather described to "look like" a skill game (which anyway cant be possible, since you read the 1/ basic of this topic) 5/ new players are winning, regulars are losing more and more. little bets get good ratios (10l$ bets), big bets get awfull ratios. there is clearly a system to make people addicts. every SL money player will state this. true or false LL needs to investigate this before someone else does. About gatchas now: 1/ nothing is verified everyone can script their own script and put ANY ratio for rares and so on, even modifiing it daily to cheat people. conclusion: you can see that, as usual LL not following their own TOS (1/). a lot of Sl big gaming sim owners are cheating people for ages and have been unpunished totally.
  2. First of all, not a single person here has the abilty to judge wether GATCHA or SL "SKILL" money machines (also known as nodevil, DEAL, etc..) are legit or not, none but the gambling commission of YOUR OWN COUNTRY. If you have any doubt about SL GATCHA or SL "SKILL GAMING" beeing a gambling game, you can send a REPORT to the https://www.gamingcommission.be/opencms/opencms/jhksweb_fr/home/ gaming commission of Belgium, which is FAR MORE advanced than any other country since they already investigated deeply on Loot boxs in video games. (their email beeing info@gamingcommission.be ) Iam in second life for now 9 years. In 9 years i can state without ANY hesitation that the games actually called SKILL GAMES arent SKILL GAMES since the basic generated numbers, and the joker amount are both RANDOM. Moreover those numbers might be (needs confirmation, ofc i dont know the code of the actual money games,LL knows, tho..) for 99% of the actual machines, generated on SERVER SIDE (means that the LSL script is doing a request on the creator's server to receive a result) , which means that any creator who scripted their game like this, can potentially TRICK the result via external SERVER. The results of the games (win or lose) can also be datamined to have giant stats of players. targeting those who are addicted to make them lose or simply to spam them with constant money game advertising (since their are addicted they will be easy targets). Actually the machines "seem" mostly scripted to have good ratio at start, then the ratio keeps on decreasing during the weeks. Ask any money player from second life they will alsways answer you "i used to win, then iam only losing actually, but this is too late iam addict", true or false? there is enough for LL to investigate deeply. of course concerning this potential abuse i dont have proofs, but there is enough to be worried, and clearly more than enough for LL to investigate deeply in any money games that might have a SERVER BASED result (joker amount, random numbers, etc..) . LL might also check global stats, money accounts and transactions of the biggest SL players, and verify the stats and ratios win/loses, verify alts, verify bot use by game sim owners, and abuses, and so on. We did reports about gaming sim owner putting his bots into the random money giver of their gaming sim to make them win sometimes instead of players, we had no answer. Owners can also cheat by putting their alts/bots into contests, or just trying to win big POT instead of players. This is Sooo easy to trick money games system in SL once you are owner or creator... Moreover the MAX BETS into a single money game raised. back in the past it was VERY RARE to find a gaming machine with a bet more than 50k L$, nowadays we see 100-400k EASILY. This can litterally ruin people in real life. Some people that are forbidden from gaming in their country migh find ways to money game in SL................ To my own point of view the new skill gaming policy from 2014 is a total fail. Instead of cleaning the biggest game sims owners and games creators cheaters from SL , you gave them monopoly, some of them even coming back with alts (well people migh have surprise, just read the allowed skill games and their creators); We are fighting for YEARS to make the abusers banned and they are still there, iam really sorry to state this. Moreover EVERY CUSTOMER THAT BOUGH ANY GAMING DEVICE IN PAST HAD THEIR GAMING DEVICE DEACTIVATED IN 2014 (via the SLYSENCE DeACTIVATION) which means that you made lost hundred thousands dollars to many thousands SL customers that bought those games in SL in past. Most of those Sl customers had invested many thousand dollars in Sl money games, you just deactivated them in a second. You dont protect your customers from addiction, you dont protect money players from othert countries than USA. (and usa just since 2014...???????) I know someone that lost up to 60.000euros in 3 years in SL money games. What did you do to avoid money games addiction. Nothing. My sl ex partner, same she lost all rl money due to gambling addiction in sl and had RL debts. Notice than the ONLY time she earnt like 300k L$ in machines LL bothered her to avoid to make her cashout (they slowered a regular cashout to the MAX stating they would need investigate, and messed with her until she gives up and go "suicide " her earning by going to lose the 300ù L$ in the gaming sims. Everything stated previously can apply to gatcha. Gatcha scripts can be tricked, no one has any ratio about rares/common, this can lead to scams. The problem isnt the gambling/skill gaming and loot opening/gatcha "itself". The main problem is the ABUSE. As example : https://www.pcgamer.com/ftc-sternly-warns-csgo-gambling-fraudsters-not-to-do-it-again/ CSGO gambling sites, that permitted CSGo players (mostly little kids) to go gamble gladly their skin and money, those sites ofc using steam API.... Do you have any idea how far a simple gambling skin site can scam people? I met skin gamblers in csgo, one lost 2.500 dollars, another 30.000 dollars... In Sl, concerning gatchas and "skill games" there are still MANY ways for evil people to scam their victims and ruin them.
  3. Go to sim dynasty gaming, already 1.400.000l$ played since midnight you see that on the replay board, so, 17hours left that means 1.400.000l$ played in 7hours, calculate the rest. On the average 4millions , get between 5% and 10% profit (of course if there is not alt of owners in bigger contests or alts who get random money giver..) that make at least 200k/day just for a 2 sims buisness... Thats just an example, of course some sims can be left by players but they dont survive a lot. Profit split buisness is different, its pure profit and as machines are everywhere in sl... no limit (and to it you add the fact some profit split agents are also the creator..who get a % also....)
  4. Hi icade, you REALLY want the truth? Of course its total hypocrysis since 2007 fbi investigation cause THERE NEVER BEEN ANY SKILL, even when you **bleep** to a creator/owner he will answer you (90% sure) its not me! my machines are not cheated! its random! imagine how much some big owners earn with only two sims full of machines? 4millions l$ played each day at least 200-400k per day profit... calculate with those who rent **bleep**ty dummy machines to people and get 50% profit (without paying land ,so cause they rent machine they got in copy...? those people (around 5 in all sl perhaps, of course they not a lot) minimum 2000usd/day so that is the biggest buisness in sl , and since middle 2011 they can do everything. But dont think starting a buisness is good option for a noname who just come, the biggest gambling sims have monopoly and enought weight to increase all oponents. anyway isnt that them who pay the most the advertise thingie in general search otpion,? ...
  5. In rl my country watches and regulate deeply all kind of gambling, in US, in 2007 FBi investigated about gambling here in SL, how the hell it survived like that, maybe you never been addicted to something (cigarette, gambling or wathever) but here there is no limit to make addicts stop (in my country players who become addicts are forbidden from casino if they lose to much) The problem of sl is that since middle 2011 nothing is verified, concerning gambling NOTHING I would be glad to get a discution with LL employees or show some proofs to JP linden (if its still him) but nothing , ll employees less online, reports (of all kind) not read, what the hell is happening at ll? Is that the jungle mode before a total crash of sl?
  6. Hi, yes, US, WE remember what happened with red zone, if residents are enought active to highlight problems of SL they can make the things change. If nobody complain of course cheat will be indefinite. "Hopefully"as gambling addict in past i only lost what i earnt inworld from my other inworld activities (but it was enought hundred thousands l$ to piss me off), but people who lose mass RL money, them have biggest problem, i remember a freind of me who had debts in rl cause gambling in sl, i once met a player who lost more than 60.000$ in 4 years, is that normal? SL changed a lot last year and if ll doesnt understand that people would better use their money in buy of lands or creations than gambling and feed illegal buisness, they are totally wrong..
  7. Ok, i think its time to make something to cure the Cancer of SL: gambling. Just before starting reading, i would like to highlight something: the wiki about wagering seems to be modified: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Policy_Regarding_Wagering_in_Second_Life . Quote: "It is a violation of this policy to wager in games in the Second Life® environment operated on Linden Lab servers if such games: [/b]Rely on chance or random number generation to determine a winner[b], OR Rely on the outcome of real-life organized sporting events, AND provide a payout in Linden Dollars (L$) OR Any real-world currency or thing of value. " Iam in SL for more than 5 years, and actually, about gambling, (and about many things as reports for griefing/copytbot), i have to admit that things have never been that worse cause residents/ reports arent heard. Seems there is less activity from linden lab to investigate fraudulent activity. *Past proved that actions of residents can be taken in consideration by linden lab: -for example: remember the red zone and security systems problems: After giant forum topic and many reports, linden lab fixed it in 2011, and i thanks them for it. Same, for example at the end of 2010 for gambling (called skill games..): linden lab forbidden the AUTO-ON system which was cheating people and making them more addicts. Thanks again to linden lab for their action. *What is the problem actually? After hard TOS changes about gambling in early 2011 (auto-on forbidden, real will from linden lab side to make game machines REAL skill games), LL changed their mind and permitted what they never permitted before: Apparition of machines with 3x3 cases (ZAP, ACE, and much more..), come back of the devil (with some DEAL versions for example..), come back of TOTTALLY RANDOM WHEELS machines (core, money vault..etc) and jackpot systems..... Never The RANDOM part have been far that way. Where is the skill notion when, ANYWAY random numbers generation (all actual games and based on random number generation ) IS the heart of those games. If only it would stay a "random" problem, but its NOT. LL also closed eyes on the CREATOR-OWNER buisness watching, and, in the past they were watching that. What does that mean? That mean that actually creators dont even need to hide on alts to start a MASSIVE buisness as owners of gambling sim, with machines THEY created themselves. The major problem of this is that nothing can be verified. If a owner-creator, want to change ratios of his machine during 24h to make all players lose more, they can, and as actually all machines have got a server part script (and not a script 100% in sl) with the server part you can imagine (and they do it) all you want: watching profit/lose of players that play the most, making win new machines to ATTRACT players , then making new machines lose after people have been attracted and think "new machines win"...etc...there isnt any limit with possibilities. We arent talking about small amounts of l$, we are talking one (perhaps THE) major buisness in sl. And some owner/creators, in the past and still actually strangely even when the cheat has been proved are strangely still here: i remember the case of someone who has one of the biggest gambling buisness in sl who cheated people in 2010 with bots, after massive reports from mentors bots have been removed: but what about owner, what about victims? nothing. Some (a lot) other cheating gambling sim owner didnt get a CHANCE like that (chance seems linked to the amount of l$ generated inworld by the buisness) and i remember jp linden was very fast at banning them, in the past... Notice that, as player, ancient owner (of a limited amount of machines- i stopped when i saw that owning machines was Complicity with an actually totally uncontrolled buisness), and sl resident for around 5 years i could add more to this message, unfortunatly its a Summary, and all into is true. I hope that will generate a serious and massive discution, for Second life future and for all victims of addiction and cheat throught gambling.
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