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  1. Yeah, I joined in 2008 and SL was super cool back then. I remember meeting so many awesome people whom I ended up meeting in RL and we are still good friends today. I recently introduced 3-4 friends to SL and they find it to be horrible, boring and laggy. I wish they could have seen it in 2008/2009 when it was super cool. But yeah, the lag probably doesn't help new users to stick with it. It's pretty bad.
  2. Hi! I'm an American who just moved to China and want to know where all the people in this time zone hang out on SL. I always get on and most of the music venues/clubs are empty because they tend to be in Euro/America time zone. Let me know if you know any cool places where people go and hang out who are up at odd hours (Slt) Also, please add me if you'd like too. Peace!
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