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  1. HI, Is anybody else getting a page with : ''Sorry to keep you waiting! We'll be right back! We have been notify about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly.'' That happens everytime I hit the edit button beside my unlisted objects I want to create the listing for. Any one else gets that?
  2. Thanks you two!! I tried to rename and that worked!! Cant beleive it was that simple lol
  3. Hi, I have a store on MP for a few months now. Everything was working fine, never had any problems listing my things. Now I came up with some new items, created the listing, but when it comes to upload the image for the listing, the whole page goes white, no activity going on and no matter how long I wait ( tried hours) it sstays white and never come back. If I try to refresh it takes me back to the item listing form page, every informations I've put in there before I try uploading the pic are erased and of course no photo either. Any one has a clue on what to do? Been like that for two week, I'm trying from time to time but always the same.
  4. Its from *Etoile* in powder pink, they have a lot of colors
  5. Neal : Yes of course! You know me lol And I did told about the thread to Ullie, we'll see if he joins too Dres: LOOOOOOOVVEEEE the new hair and skin! Saraya: She looks beautiful
  6. Neal told me to jump in so here I am
  7. HI, I am Blue and I am a 31 year old french Canadian.
  8. So proud of you baby :heart:
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