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  1. Hi Second Life, We are here for a wile now and we dont have any friends until now. Send your requests and become one of our future friends, stay close to us becuase soon we will launch the great and amazing journey into unknown. A musical event that will keep you dancing from start until the end. Dont forget to spread the word, you can join our events with your friends to make your party time more amazing only here on Second Life.
  2. Hi Second Life, We are in search of female models for our next event covers and not only. You will be dressed in white clothes. Send your applications here and we will chose some of you, only 5+1 girls needed. Post a picture here with you(avatar) full in white, only the shoes can be black or white. Mention your age and your country. You have the chance to work with a professional team here on Second Life, you can be on our first official Trailer. Thank you and good luck.
  3. Hi SECOND LIFE, We found the place, thank you, close as request. Add us as friend to be updated with the latest upcoming shows/events right here in SL. SENSATION SL TEAM Be part of the night, Dress in white.
  4. Hi Alicia Sautereau, Please do that and tell us what you solved after. First of all, you are off topic, and second you are here for fame/publicity, you can send us a message directly if you want threat or just talk to us do not make a public show. And to answer your threat/reply , we do not use any of their music files, artists’ names, label names, Streams, Downloads, software, designs, drawings, Logos and trademarks. PLUS: Not to mention your nick, event name and charging for it.... Our nick (is just a name), event name(used in real life in hundreds of clubs), charge(linden is no
  5. Hi Second Life, we are here! Thats right the leading dance event is here finally at your request! Sensation is the most wanted dance event in the world at this time, in this great experiment involving 20 countries so far. We are not affiliated with the real SENSATION event in any way but we want to do something special for the addicts of the show right here on SL , after a massive success in another virtual world(we cannot post it). In order to make this events here we need a place to build the show, we cant buy a private land at the moment, but if things goes well in future we might do it. So
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