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  1. Hi Xilion, I can understand your frustrations, I did stop in your school. I spoke with one of your reps, I simply view competition as competition. I think it's great that you teach personality. And to each school as their own. Though I do have to challenge one little fact. Wouldn't any school that took those values essentially be copying what the original school did? I know Forever purchased the rights to Premiere, but she took the same idea from Blake when she created her own school and designed her own classes I am merely purchasing a name. And giving an opportunity to DJs just like any other school. Why would someone copying off of copy be judged more than someone who did the same thing first? I am hiring her to create videos, I was apart of the Premiere Team so I know what they include, I'm not sitting through a class with either of you. So what you teach is what you teach. I've changed up the lesson plans to what I feel should be covered. I'm not really interested in stealing information that I already know. Each school has copied the original design. Professional copied off of SL DJ, And so on down the line. It's a proven method visual aids work for a vast majority of learners. Joanie was the one who brought that concept into play and she should be praised for her work. She did an excellent job building SL DJ. I'm purchasing the name and the objects associated with the school when it was sold. I'm not taking anything from Premiere so what Forever has is her own. That I take value in those lesson plans are hers she bought them fair and square. As far as the videos, that isn't copywriten, it is just a method to deliver information to students. I've been DJing for 12 years, what I gained is goin to differ from you or Forever. Therefore the class subject content won't be identical. I understand you looking out. I am simply bringing back a group I fealt brought us a great service. Caring less about the profit made and more about the teaching. Thanks, Hannah
  2. Hi Xilion, Rosalie is sending the info later this afternoon. As she works during the day, I am starting a little bit early as far as staff and information. I worked with you at Premiere for a bit. My main user is Cecil Aura. I sense apprehension in your tone. I understand you have your own school that teaches SAM and personality DJing and hope the best for your courses. The in world release of SL DJ will be at the beginning of March. Just wanted to spark some interest while the location is being set up. To ensure we have a working staff and can hit the ground running. The world of SL has many potential customers so I'm sure all three schools will do just fine. We're there any other concerns that I could address for you? I am happy to ease any sort of tension that may have I inadvertently been created. Thanks, Hannah
  3. Hi Xilion, Thanks for your concern however you are partially correct. I have purchased the rights for SL DJ School from Rosalie Difference. SL DJ School was purchased by Rosalie and Psilocybin in 2012. When Rosalie sold Premiere to Blake she only relinquished the rights to SL Professional DJ Academy and Premiere DJ Academy. She did not sell the rights to SL DJ School and is still in possession of the groups from the founder Joanie Neddings, as well as the contract for ownership. I recently partnered with Rosalie and am reopening under Hers and Joanie's original values. You are more than welcome to contact Rosalie Difference should you have any questions. I appreciate you looking out for copywrites!
  4. Would you be interested in Teaching People how to DJ? SL DJ School is the oldest running DJ School in Second Life, we are re-staffing for the spring time and are in need of SAM, VDJ, and NICECAST Instructors. Let me know if this is something you might be interested in.
  5. Second Life DJ School - Founded in 2008 is reopening and hiring a new staff. Commission + Pay Per Class Taught. Easiest money in SL. All classes are taught by already recorded desktop videos. This is the easiest way for students to learn is by watching someone show them how to use the program. You are the guide for the students to learn. Hiring DJ Teachers on the following Programs: SAM BROADCASTERSAM VIBE - Streams Music OnlyVIRTUAL DJNICECAST - MAC USERSTRAKTORAll classes are taught by a specific lesson plan, you just have to help the student if they get stuck or trouble shoot them. Then you get them on the student test stream and help tweak their mic. You will make more than you do DJing by teaching a class that will take about an hour. Greeters will be needed to help with the following Student Sign upHelping Students Purchase StreamsHelping Students or DJ Drops & DJ IntrosHelping with questions about the SchoolPairing students with teachers for tech supportHelping Students with Tip Jar Vendor, Photography ordering, headphones purchase and more.Greeters have an excellent earning potential, plus you get free training on a DJ program of your choice. You can learn a new skill and even teach when you feel confident enough. Second Life DJ School is the Original, Oldest School in Second Life. Choose the school with the most experience. Please reply with any questions or comments. I am happy to assist! Hannah
  6. Hi Kasha, Would you be interested in becomming a DJ Instructor? I see you are a radio DJ so I assume you are using SAM Broadcaster. We offer a great pay scale and you'll probably make more than you do DJing, teaching from our Desktop videos designed by Rosalie Difference We are the oldest running DJ School in SL and have a high quality when it comes to hiring Teachers who know their programs very well. Let me know if this is something you'd be interested in. I'd be happy to provide you with more info.
  7. Hi SgtBill, Would you be interested in teaching SAM? I own SL DJ School and we teach by desktop videos so the lesson plan is extremely easy to follow. Plus the salary is often better than most DJ Shifts. Thanks Hannah
  8. Hi there, I am interested in your services. Do you charge by the product? or by an hourly rate? I am interested in getting my school rebuilt I own SL DJ School the original DJ School and I'd love something small to work out of till it expands again. Just the main building an area for vendors and class signups. Thanks Hannah
  9. Hi Vanilajoy, I just realized I must have posted on an outdated thread of yours. I have a business proposition for you if you are interested. It is located on one of your other threads. Thanks for your time. Hannah
  10. Hi Vanilajoy, Besides the minor touchups your photography is excellent. I can see you put in a great deal of time. I wanted to see if you would be interested in an opportunity to gain you some potential clients. I own SL DJ School and we hire vendors to assist New DJs with getting the full high quality experience. From their skills to their Appearance. So Having a good DJ Profile Picture, or Tip Jar picture is important. Would you be interested in being the SL DJ Schools photographer? Essentially, we would have a vendor and information board for you at our school. When our students are interested in photography from you the staff member or the customer would contact you with the information. Now I do not require any sort of exclusive contract or anything. So where you work or if you own your own studio is perfectly fine with us. We just ask that if we refer clients to you that we get a small cut (usually no more than 100L we really aren't that picky) That way it gives you an opportunity to charge higher for a picture (since the quality is well worth it) and you still make a fair price. Essentially what you do with that client afterwards is your business. We know when a customer likes a product they will go back to them. We don't expect a cut everytime. Just for when you get new business from us, and like I said it wouldn't be very much. We just use the vendor sales to pay for treats for the staff and hold fun stuff to keep up morale. Would this be something you would be interested in? You are welcome to IM Me in world. HannahSharp Resident
  11. Would you be interested in being a Receptionist/Greeter? I own SL DJ School and we are looking for people to help with getting students information when they land and signing them up for classes. Training is provided and we offer great benefits to our staff such as free DJ Lessons, Discounts on DJ Intros, Drops, and Cross Training. It gives you some career options while working with our school.
  12. Hi Good Morning, Would being a receptionist or greeter work? SL DJ School is currently hiring greeters to assist customers with signing up for DJ, Host and Management Classes and helping them with the Vendors we have. Pay is competitive and training is available as well as great opportunities. Staff members can be trained to DJ so you get a great new skill out of it just by working with us.
  13. What are the times of day you are on SL? I have a perfect opportunity for you if you are interested in Reception work. We have a greeter position open within SL DJ School
  14. Hi Job Seekers! I wanted to announce that the SL DJ School founded in 2008 is re-opening! This is the oldest, and original DJ School in Second Life featured by the Lindens and trained more than 1,000 DJs. We are currently accepting applications for Teachers. What we have available: SAM Broadcaster BasicSAM Broadcaster AdvancedVirtual DJ Basic PCVirtual DJ Advanced PCVirtual DJ Basic MACVirtual DJ Advanced MACNicecast -MAC - BasicNicecast - MAC - AdvancedHostingManagement We offer more classes and more top quality instructors who didn't just learn than any other school. Our Instructors are seasoned DJs, and we require auditions from our staff to ensure you are learning the correct way. We pride ourselves on staffing DJs of every genre because we know our students have a wide range of desires when they DJ. What we offer in return: Competitive flat pay per classSales BonusesFree Cross Training (Ever wanted to learn a new program?)Discounts on DJ Drop Shop Productions by the oldest running DJ Drop Producer in SLNetwork and meet other DJs & Build your fan group (Students always want to come listen to their instructors)Set Lesson Plan taught by UPDATED desktop videos. We partnered with Rosalie Difference to create the best Desktop videos with more information than any other school in SL. All you have to do is troubleshoot, ask the students questions to ensure they are understanding the info and then you are golden!Classes are taught on student streams, so you don't have to worry about giving your students your stream info.This is the easiest opportunity to make some excellent money for very little work.Teach with the best school in SL, Experience is what sets us apart, we know how the business works, and where to get you the customers. If you are interested in this opportunity send me a message or reply to this feed. I am happy to discuss our business with you. Hannah Sharp
  15. The SL DJ School is currently undergoing new ownership changes. Under the advisement of former owner and popular SL DJ and Intro Designer Rosalie Difference. We are hiring for all positions including the following -SAM Broadcaster -Virtual DJ -Nicecast -Hosting -Management (this is a class on management) -greeters And much more. ALL classes, and yes we mean all of them are taught by instructional videos that assist you with learning how to DJ, Host, and Manage in all settings and types of clubs. Please IM HannahSharp, SelenaVitali, DemoSharp for applications. We are hiring throughout the month of Nov. with emphasis on re-opening under the new management by December 2012. For questions about positions, pay, benefits and more simply leave an IM to HannahSharp Resident Thank you! And we look forward to stepping SL DJ School back on top! Hannah, Demo, and Selena Sharp Family Enterprises.
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